Causes, symptoms and treatment of streptococcal children ( + photos )

Category Skin Infections | August 21, 2016 23:14

Contents: Causes streptoderma symptoms of streptococcal streptoderma treatment in children streptoderma (pyoderma strep) is an infectious-allergic disease that occurs when contact with the thick skin of streptococcus and the microorganism waste products. main manifestation of the ...

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Postinjection abscess treatment , prevention

Category Skin Infections | August 18, 2016 23:13

Contents: clinical picture Treatment postinjection abscess Prevention postinjection abscess postinjection abscess - a limited purulent inflammation of the soft tissue at the site of injection drugs.Do not confuse the concept of an abscess and cellulitis.Unlike abscess in phlegmon pro...

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Furuncle Facial : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Category Skin Infections | August 07, 2016 23:07

Contents: Causes of boils symptoms of boils on Facial Treatment boils on the face Furuncle (Latin furunculus.), Or boil , - acute pathological process, outwardly manifested as a necrotic inflammationfollicle - follicle - and tissues surrounding.Inflammation is mediated by the subcut...

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Genital herpes in men and women : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Category Skin Infections | August 04, 2016 23:12

Contents: Symptoms of genital herpes and photo Causes of Herpes Treatment disease Genital herpes - a disease caused by the herpes simplex virus.The virus may be of type 1 or 2.In most cases of genital herpes in humans it causes virus type 2 (80% of all patients).Virus type 1 is usual...

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