Treatment of heel spurs folk remedies

Category Soft Tissue | August 07, 2016 23:07

Heel spur - a disease in which there is overgrowth of bone plantar portion of the lower limbs mainly in the heel area.These growths are typically in the form of stud so cause pain and interfere with normal walking.Pain occurs due to inflammation of the bone tissue itself, or due to injury to o...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis : Symptoms , causes, diagnosis

Category Arthropathy | August 07, 2016 23:07

Contents: Causes of rheumatoid arthritis Classification symptoms Diagnosis and treatment Rheumatoid arthritis - a systemic inflammatory disease of connective tissue, which has an autoimmune character, which affects the joints and surrounding tissues. distinctive feature of the d...

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Osteoarthritis of the joints of the fingers : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Category Arthropathy | August 06, 2016 23:08

Contents: Clinic arthrosis brush finger Causes of osteoarthritis Symptoms of osteoarthritis brushes Treatment of osteoarthritis of fingers Quite often, people experience pain in your hands and it is in the finger joints.In most cases, this is due to the development of osteoarthriti...

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Cervical dislocation : Symptoms, Causes and Consequences

Category Dorsopathies | August 06, 2016 23:08

Contents: Symptoms Causes cervical dislocation treatment and consequences cervical dislocation - a pathological condition of the body, which may include the actual displacement and rotation of (rotation) of the vertebrae belonging to the cervical spinespine.Thus the spinal canal narr...

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Symptoms and treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine

Category Dorsopathies | August 05, 2016 23:10

Contents: reasons osteochondrosis symptoms Diagnosis of osteochondrosis Treatment Prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease osteochondrosis of the cervical spine - a serious disease that occurs as a result of pathological disorders of metabolic processes in the cervical ve...

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Lordosis of the lumbar spine : Symptoms and Treatment

Category Dorsopathies | August 05, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes of lumbar lordosis symptoms of lordosis of the lumbar Diagnosis and Treatment of lordosis Normally for a healthy spine nature provides for a two physiological function lordosis (deflection forward) - in the cervical and lumbar spine.It is necessary for the amortizati...

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Symptoms and treatment of displacement of the vertebrae of the lumbar

Category Dorsopathies | August 04, 2016 23:12

Contents: reasons vertebral displacement Symptoms Treatment of disease offset the lumbar spine, can occur in any person of different age categories.This disease is called a medical term spondylolisthesis. There are two types of the disease, which determine the direction of displacem...

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Psoriatic Arthritis : Symptoms, Treatment and Diet

Category Arthropathy | August 04, 2016 23:12

Contents: What is psoriatic arthritis Symptoms psoriatichekogo arthritis Diagnosis and treatment of disease Diet and nutrition Thousands of people in the world suffer from psoriasis (for details, see the article "Psoriasis and its species.")- very uncomfortable, and often - a very ...

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Symptoms, causes and treatment of osteoporosis in men and women

Category Osteopathy And Chondropathy | August 03, 2016 23:12

Contents: Causes of Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment of Osteoporosis term "osteoporosis" in Greek means "porous bones" .Name exactly conveys the essence of the disease: osteoporosis lose bone strength, flexibility, easy to break down for bruises, fall.Degener...

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Lumbago : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment ( + folk remedies )

Category Dorsopathies | August 03, 2016 23:12

Contents: Causes Symptoms lumbago lumbago lumbago Treatment Traditional methods of treating lumbago Lumbago or lumbodynia - pain in the lumbar region, mainly shooting character.Previously, it was associated with muscle pathologies, but studies have shown an association with lumba...

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