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The calculation of calories for weight loss one day

Category Weight Loss | August 13, 2016 23:10

Good time of day, dear readers.Today I will try to answer you the question: how many calories we need each day to maintain vital functions and how we get it with food? try to understand how to calculate the amount of calories we need for good health and at the same time, so for us the desir...

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How to calculate the ideal weight for men and women

Category Weight Loss | August 13, 2016 23:10

Today I will teach you to count the ideal weight for men and women.In fact, in order to precisely determine your ideal weight, I recommend you read the article further on determining percent body fat, and that's to take advantage of this fat calculator. Using the information from these arti...

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BZHU ratio Proteins Fats Carbohydrates

Category Weight Loss | August 12, 2016 23:10

In this article I will tell you about the most important thing after the caloric content of products, you should know if you decide to lose weight.In order to remove the excess fat is not enough to simply reduce the amount of calories consumed and adjust their value for your energy balance. ...

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Calculation calorie diet

Category Weight Loss | August 11, 2016 23:09

How to start losing weight? And we must start with the fact that everything has to be measured! If you just reduce the amount of food consumed during the day, it does not mean that you will lose weight.It is necessary to know the total caloric value of foods, even in small portions. The f...

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How to speed up your metabolism for weight loss

Category Weight Loss | August 10, 2016 23:10

Each of us has its own metabolic rate.In thin people it is usually high, and they can not be afraid of obesity, because excess calories received with food, it is still "burn down".The rest need to control your diet and make further efforts to speed up the metabolism to maintain your weight nor...

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Obesity - a disease !

Category Weight Loss | August 09, 2016 23:08

People, for the most part, quite carelessly refer to the fact that they are overweight.Well, there is.The truth is a little strain images of slender thin persons and inflated macho imposed on the media, and all the rest just do not care as long as they do not get sick. In a society formed t...

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How to measure the percentage of body fat

Category Weight Loss | August 08, 2016 23:08

My weight decreases steadily and increasingly I began to think about how to determine the moment when the process of losing weight is to stop and return to a normal diet. In this article I will try to define the criteria, focusing on which any person can say, "All is enough present my weigh...

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How to lose weight in the bath

Category Weight Loss | August 07, 2016 23:07

In this article I want to share with you another way to effective weight loss, which I use regularly and with great pleasure.You will learn how to lose weight in the sauna, and with maximum efficiency along with diet and exercise, sauna is on the 3rd place on the effectiveness of human exp...

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How to get fat woman or a man , how to quickly gain weight

Category Weight Loss | August 06, 2016 23:08

In this article I would like to digress a bit from the weight loss topics and talk about the problem completely opposite properties: on how quickly grow fat, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Not so long ago, talking with my friend, I have heard the reproach that the site are ...

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Breathing exercises for weight loss Oksisayz Oxycise, exercise , contraindications

Category Weight Loss | August 05, 2016 23:10

Breathing exercises for weight loss oksisayz - a very effective method of dealing with excess weight.In this article I want to tell you more about her, to introduce the exercises, the results of its application and some contraindications.I advise you to carefully read this procedure, because I...

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