How to treat kidney folk remedies and medical drugs

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kidney treatment is carried out medication therapy, folk remedies and operational methods.To optimally and quickly get rid of cystic cavities should combine these three options.

To learn how to treat kidney properly, please continue reading the article before the final point.The authors conducted a clinical study and found the relationship between the influence of pharmaceuticals and clinical symptoms of the disease.

disease therapy is conducted in the home, but the key to success is the strict adherence to medical recommendations.Specialists have the capability for continuous analysis of the state of human kidney tissue and the dynamic observation of the disease.Proper nutrition and the use of advanced operational technologies can effectively remove even polycystic (multiple cysts in both kidneys).

kidney Herbal Home Treatment

kidney Home Treatment Herbal carried out after consultation with the doctor.For the treatment of diseases used herbs have antispasmodic and diuretic effect.

collection number 1 in urology considered cranberries.It extends the urinary tract, has an antibacterial effect.From the leaves and berries cranberries preparing broth and accepted a glass of 2 times per day.

At home, you can prepare the following extracts of kidney:

  • From the leaves of peppermint;
  • birch buds;
  • juniper berries;
  • rhizome;
  • blackcurrant leaves;
  • bearberry;
  • oats and green straw;
  • Herbs pop pope.

Broth with kidney disease should be taken in small doses for 1-2 weeks.Then, a break is done, and after a while a course of therapy is repeated.To improve the effectiveness of the treatment should be changed periodically decoctions and infusions.The body quickly gets used to the flow of drugs, so the long-term treatment is necessary either to increase the dose or take other herbal.

kidney treatment at home when evaluating the performance requires an analysis of the following symptoms:

  1. disappearance of bruises under his eyes;
  2. Elimination rezey when urinating;
  3. Reduction of pain intensity in the lower back;
  4. Lowering blood pressure.

If the therapy is effective, will be observed all the above features.

How to treat kidney herbal preparations

kidney treatment at home can be done with herbal preparations.To get rid of stones in urolithiasis, available over the counter drugs based on plant collections - kanefron, tsiston.For expansion of the urinary tract, it is desirable to take antispasmodics - no-spa, papaverine.

Attention!When the grass does not work for a few days of application, you need to drink another diuretic collection.Monitor the process of treatment of folk remedies for the symptoms of extinction dynamics.

of drugs for the treatment of urolithiasis

basic medication drugs for the treatment of urolithiasis:

  1. Spazmol;
  2. Spazmoverin;
  3. bespo;
  4. Nospanum;
  5. Drotoverin;
  6. papaverine.

When large kidney stones occur renal colic - a symptom, leading to severe pain in the lower back.The duration of pain in this disease - a few hours.To eliminate the pain in urolithiasis apply the following analgesics for the treatment of urolithiasis:

  1. Tramolin;
  2. Toradol;
  3. Metamizole;
  4. Tramolin;
  5. Mabron;
  6. Veralgan.

To eliminate the inflammatory changes in the urinary tract in urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis appointed antibacterial drugs:

  • aminoglycosides;
  • Azithromycin;
  • Erythromycin;
  • Macrolides;
  • Fluoroquinolones;
  • Macropen.

Antibiotics for kidney disease should accumulate in the kidneys and provide a long therapeutic effect.Using strong drugs to treat inflammation of the kidneys provides strong strain on the kidneys.To reduce the toxic effects of drugs and reduce their dosage, it is necessary to supplement the treatment of folk remedies using sour milk diet and antifungal medications.

In any case, treatment of urolithiasis is conducted by doctors.When choosing a treatment strategy they will prescribe to the patient laboratory tests of blood and urine.With their help it is possible to establish the extent and peculiarities of urolithiasis.

Patients with severe renal impairment require hospitalization.They can be carried hemosorbtion (blood purification of toxins), or surgical removal of the cyst.

Preparations for the treatment of urolithiasis have side effects, so the long course of their use is prohibited.However, the minimum duration of therapy should be not less than 7 days.It is best to use herbal antiseptic for small cysts renal tissue.

Types of herbal antiseptics:

  1. Phytolysinum;
  2. Kanefron.

They are used in urolithiasis lithotripsy to remove.However, these drugs more rationally to take when "sand" in the urine.When large calculi should be adequate surgical treatment.As a rule, required splitting (ultrasound or surgical) with a large stone.

Men with prostatitis treatment of renal drugs held by pipemidinovoy acid: palin, urotraktin.Their use of the representatives of the strong half of humanity is effective in cirrhosis, diseases of the central nervous system.You can not take the medication in patients with renal insufficiency.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment at home should strengthen the immune system and take vitamins.Sometimes therapy includes dekaris (levamisole) and prodiigozan that increase the activity of immune immunity.

doctor may prescribe other drugs for the treatment of urolithiasis.In any case, you need to trust the process of therapy qualified doctor.

How is the surgical treatment of diseases of the kidneys

Surgical treatment of diseases of the kidneys performed when conservative funds do not bring positive results.No surgery is difficult to do with the large kidney formations.

The main indications for surgery for kidney diseases:

  1. Renal colic;
  2. Pain in the lower back;
  3. Violation of the outflow of urine;
  4. Obstructive nephropathy;
  5. hydronephrotic deformation;
  6. aggravation of pyelonephritis;
  7. Renal bleeding;
  8. purulent fusion of kidney tissue;
  9. peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal fat);
  10. stone in the urinary tract;
  11. Malignancies.

acute disorders of urination with fever may indicate the presence of purulent lesions in the renal tissue (abscess).

main methods of surgical treatment of kidney diseases:

  1. Percutaneous nephrostomy - method of treatment based on restoring the flow of urine.With this method it is possible to stop surgical pain and prevent recurrence of infection due to the superposition nephrostomy;
  2. Installing the ureter plastic tube (a stent) to normalize the permeability of the urinary tract;
  3. nephrotomy - removal of part or the entire kidney is carried out when other methods can not be treated pathology.

How to treat kidney at home folk remedies

deciding how to treat kidney folk remedies, you need to pay attention to the fact that the main symptom is intense pain.In the event of renal colic pain, you can remove the warm compress on the lumbar region, or taking a hot bath.The duration of the procedures should not exceed 20 minutes.If it fails to relieve the pain, you should consult a doctor.Close-calculus with urolithiasis is removed by ultrasonic crushing or operational method.

Against this background, the definition of how to treat kidney folk remedies, is not rational.Delays in the presence of a large stone risk of serious complications and even death.Doctors will be able to remove the extra pain using opioids: diclofenac, tramadol, ketorol.If

strongly hurts left kidney, should be carried out or use procaine blockade antispasmodics (baralgin, no-spa, papaverine).

How to remove the stones from the kidney diet and herbal

To remove the stones from the kidney to the small size of the initial stages of applied herbal teas, medicated preparations for the treatment of kidney diseases and folk remedies (warm compresses on the lower back).People often ask how to treat kidney without surgery.The answer to this question should be dealt with by doctors.Warming the kidney is not always wise, since the heat is an expansion of the ureter and bladder.If the pathology associated with the presence of inflammation or tumors, the heating of the lumbar region can trigger the movement of tumor cells into other organs and occurrence of metastasis.

Warm compresses to the lumbar region need to apply when ultrasound revealed when the stone, but there are no changes in the surrounding soft tissue.Even with low body temperature (37,1-38), a warm bath or hot compress contraindicated.In heart failure, and severe swelling and can not be done warming procedure.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the treatment of renal disease is best done on a background of watermelon consumption.They accelerate the excretion of urine and urinary tract expand.The process of treatment is enhanced by drinking mineral water "Essentuki" types and "Borjomi".

Thus, kidney treatment at home effectively in the early stages of the disease, but it must be carried out after consultation with the doctor.