First signs and symptoms of diabetes in men

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  • How does
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • impairment and potency

At least a quarter of people with diabetes are unaware of their diagnosis.In the early stages, he almost does not manifest itself, for what doctors called him "the silent killer".

first symptoms and signs of diabetes in men and women alike.

Most patients ignore early symptoms, and yet, the early stage of the disease can result in serious health consequences.Already in the early stages of ignoring diabetes can result in a heart attack, the total dysfunction of the kidneys, a strong deterioration of vision and problems with the feet.In rare cases, the patient may fall into a diabetic coma, when the blood sugar exceeds all acceptable norms.

How does

Usually, the symptoms of diabetes in men are no different from those that occur in women.Paying close attention to your health should pay when there is at least one of the following body's signals:

  • Great thirst;
  • Losing weight without much effort
  • Fatigue in the absence of physical activity;
  • Unusual sensation in extremities (tingling, tingling, or a temporary loss of sensation).

main difference between diabetes in men and women lies in the speed of disease development.While at the fairer sex disease often begins with external manifestations (obesity, etc.), and in patients with male diabetes initially affects the internal organs and systems.It is worth noting that the first negative effects of the disease are exposed to sexual and reproductive human system.

Sudden weight loss

One of the first signs of diabetes in men is a rapid weight loss, which necessarily should be alerted.Nutrition and physical activity can remain at the same level, but the patient still continues to lose weight.At first, this symptom can cheer, but it is worth remembering that dramatic weight loss for no reason is a sure sign of various diseases, including diabetes.In this case, weight reduction due to the lack of insulin in the blood, which is essential food digestion and assimilation of nutrients.


In medicine, this symptom is called diabetic ketoacidosis.Dry mouth can not leave the patient even after the liquid consumption.In diabetes, men can drink a day about 3-5 liters per day, while continuing to feel thirsty.Such phenomenon is explained simply: the excess sugar in the blood of men (more than 10 mmol / l), it goes into the urine, with actively bringing a body fluid.The most common symptom is detected by the appearance of too frequent urination, especially at night.


fatigue, weakness and exhaustion - frequent signs of diabetes in men and women.Reduced vitality patients in this case is due to the dysfunction of insulin production.The body needs calories and nutrients are not absorbed in the proper degree, the respective energy balance is not replenished and the person may feel tired even after a full sleep ooze relaxation.


One of the first manifestations to which diabetics pay attention - this is itchy skin, especially in the crotch area.Since diabetes glucose in all body fluids greatly exaggerated, sugar is excreted in the sweat.Wet and warm environment with a high concentration of glucose is favorable for the development of fungi and bacteria that cause itching.For this reason, patients with diabetes more than others prone to fungal and infectious skin diseases (furunculosis), and thrush.

impairment and potency

diabetics often say unpleasant sensation of "sand in the eyes".Suddenly may start seeing double or emerge feeling veil.Violation of diabetes mellitus is caused by a disorder of retinal function due to an increase in blood glucose levels.A similar mechanism of action have potency problems in men in the development of systemic disease.