How and what treat spleen - Tablets

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Most people feeling a lot of painunder the left edge, it is believed that they have problems with the pancreas.However, in the same area and it is a lien.

How and what treat spleen - pills or folk remedies?

Independently engage in treatment in this case is dangerous, so at the first pain in his side, seek medical advice.Along with other bodies spleen is an important structure involved in the life of the whole organism.But since it is in close proximity to the pancreas, organ dysfunction often goes unnoticed.


Location spleen disorders and symptoms of her work need to know to diagnose the disease.The body is in the peritoneal cavity, and more precisely in its left side.Spleen itself is protected by a dense shell, allowing you to protect it from physical damage.Increasing the body can easily find your fingers.To do this, take a deep breat

h and gently press your fingers under the lower edge of the left.The normal size of a healthy spleen make up no more than about 14 cm long and 10 cm wide, ie about a man's hand.

In humans, the spleen performs one of the most important functions - replenishes the blood cells that die in the process of life.At the same time it recycles unusable blood cells.Besides hematopoietic organ detects pathogens and other foreign elements, have got into the blood, protects the body against infectious diseases.


Since the spleen as well as liver, lacks pain receptors, it can not hurt.Unpleasant sensations in the left side arise from the extension of its shell as a result of the rapid increase in the body.Speaking about the reasons for disruption of the spleen, doctors are the following:

Physical damage

They can be open or closed.The physical injuries are sliced, chopped and gunshot wounds, blows falling on his stomach and squeezing.Injuries appear sharp pain in his left side, skin pallor and cold sweat;

Infectious Diseases

discomfort under left rib may also indicate the penetration of infection into the body: abdominal or typhus, septicemia, acute viral hepatitis and malaria, infectious mononucleosis, and others;

Parasitic diseases

Among parasitic splenic lesions occur echinococcus.Recognize pathology is very difficult.Possible assistance in its diagnosis have an ultrasound and computed tomography;


Primary malignant as benign tumors of the spleen are rare.At the initial stage of its formation they usually do not manifest themselves.In the process of tumor growth may occur in the severity of side and a dull pain in the left upper quadrant.


Before treat spleen pills and other methods need to be diagnosed, which will allow to establish the exact causes of disruption of the body.In the treatment of the spleen, doctors have two objectives - the restoration of its activities and the removal of the primary cause of the disease.Drug therapy involves the use of antibacterial drugs.When pus accumulation in the body held its pumping by means of drainage.If the spleen damage in the patient revealed severe bleeding, an expert conducts emergency surgery to remove it.

Diet for diseases of the spleen

Not least the issue of how to treat the spleen, takes proper nutrition.To restore the body functions necessary to drink plenty of liquids: it thins the blood, as its thick consistency prevents normal filtration.In addition, you should increase the use of the following products:

  • Pomegranate;
  • Cabbage;
  • decoction of sage, thyme and chicory.

In drawing up the menu should also be included in the diet of foods rich in plant fiber and unrefined substances.It is worth noting that decoctions of herbs suggested above, are particularly effective in infectious and parasitic diseases of the spleen.