How and what to treat high cholesterol in the blood

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The human body needs some cholesterol to normal life.However, any of its deviation from the norm, in particular increase, can be harmful to health.

How and what to treat high cholesterol in the blood?

itself, this substance is harmless: involved in the formation of cell membranes and the synthesis of hormones.Cholesterol - an integral component of human metabolism, but the excess amount can lead to negative consequences for health in general.The specific symptoms of high cholesterol in the blood can not be overlooked.Usually, the problem is detected at the time when there are negative consequences: for example, disruption of the heart or blood vessels, the emergence of excess weight and so on.


prerequisites for improving cholesterol can be:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Malnutrition;
  • old age;
  • presence of bad habits.

In that case, if you have normal weight corresponding to your age and height, lead an active lifestyle and eat a balanced, risk of increase in the rate of the index you are not afraid.

reduction methods without drugs

no doubt that nutrition plays a primary role in the issue of how to treat high cholesterol in the blood.Meanwhile, there are other equally effective ways to normalize the level of the substance and at the same time improve the body as a whole.Very few people know that a low level of "good" cholesterol as a health hazard.This phenomenon is able to cause the development of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis, since it is this type of cholesterol is fighting with cholesterol plaques.Than to treat high cholesterol in the blood in addition to medicines?


  • improves the process of cleansing the blood of excess fat that enters the body with food.This task is best to handle running;
  • Exercise aimed overall strengthening, improve emotional and muscle tone, which positively affects the vascular condition.

Older people who already have cardiovascular disease.Also, do not give up exercise.40-minute walk in the fresh air at a moderate pace increases the production of "useful" cholesterol and improve overall health.

Green tea and juices

If you smoke a lot and like to drink, you should as soon as possible to give up these bad habits.Despite the fact that they are harmful to the body is obvious, few people know that smoking and alcohol - the main factors of cholesterol increase.Instead, cardiologists and nutritionists recommend drinking green tea without sugar and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.The active components in their composition strengthens blood vessels and reduces harmful lipids in the blood;

Herbs are very effective in the issue of how to treat high cholesterol, medicinal herbs.Here are some recipes for its normalization:

  • Dandelion.The crushed roots of the plants consume 1 teaspoon before meals.The course of treatment - six months;
  • Propolis.Three times a day, take 7 drops of propolis tincture, diluted in a little water.The course of treatment - 3-4 months.

Power with high cholesterol

American study showed that cholesterol affects three factors food - saturated fats and dietary cholesterol, which increase its value, as well as unsaturated fatty acids that reduce "bad" cholesterol in the blood.From this it follows that from the diet is necessary, first of all, to eliminate all harmful to the body components and replacing them more useful analogs.

Than to treat high cholesterol in the blood yet?In addition to the below listed products in the diet should focus on the use of fresh fruit and berries, leafy vegetables and herbs in any form.If possible, try to eat small meals 4-5 times a day.Sample menu with high cholesterol as follows:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with olive oil and the omelette of the proteins;
  • Snack: an apple or a handful of berries all;
  • Lunch: baked in foil fish and vegetable salad;
  • Snack: salad of fresh carrots with olive oil;
  • Dinner: mashed potatoes with boiled beef.

Olive oil

In its structure, in contrast to other types of vegetable oils has a high content of unsaturated fats.Moreover, it is advisable not to fry food on it, and added to salads;


Nutrient legumes contain a lot of dietary fiber, which captures and removes cholesterol from the body.Nutritionists advise to include daily meals about 6 grams of soluble fiber;


Like beans, oat bran are effective in reducing cholesterol levels.On the day you need to eat about half a cup of oats in the form of porridge;


scientific experiment conducted by American scientists has shown that eating a daily 2 raw carrots a day, helps a person to reduce high cholesterol by 10-20%.This is due to the large amount of pectin in the roots.