What and how to treat lactostasis

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When breastfeeding young mothers are faced with a wide variety of problems.Lactostasis not shy away from any of lactating women.

What and how to treat lactostasis when feeding the baby breast milk?

Prevent and overcome this problem is possible, especially considering the fact that modern medicine in recent years has developed many effective tools to combat it.What is lactostasis?

Simply put - it's clogged milk ducts.This phenomenon is due to inadequate emptying of the breast, which can occur due to several reasons.For women, breast-feeding, lactostasis is real torture, because the disease has a number of painful symptoms that force young mothers to take time off to breastfeed.


The female breast is composed of several lobes, each of which has its own duct.When lactostasis discomfort may occur in one or several parts, depending upon where the outflow of the milk has been broken.The reasons for this phenomenon are the usual:

  • Infrequent breastfeeding, big breaks between applying baby to the breast;
  • Wrong conquer breast when feeding;
  • wearing tight bra;
  • short time feeding grudnichka;
  • Sleeping on the stomach;
  • bruises and minor injuries to the chest;
  • Stress and fatigue;
  • Skip night breastfeeding.

In some cases, the onset of symptoms does not affect the well-being of women.However, inaction in this situation can only aggravate the situation.Address the issue of how to treat lactostasis necessary immediately, to avoid the spread of the inflammatory process.


lactostasis Outwardly manifested in the form of seals in certain parts of the breast.When pressure is applied to the affected area there is severe pain.Also lactostasis may be accompanied by other symptoms:

  • Redness of the skin;
  • Varicose veins in the affected area;
  • Fever to subfebrile indicators;
  • pain when feeding your baby;
  • uneven flow of milk from the breasts: 2-3 ducts normal stream and the liquid decanted from a drop-wise.

In most cases, the issue than to treat lactostasis does not require medical intervention.Young mum should learn how to put the baby to the breast, unpleasant symptoms will gradually disappear.However, if the inflammatory process is running much, can not do without medical care.


Clogged milk ducts - a common occurrence for breast-feeding women.Do not be afraid of this problem.When the first symptoms begin to put the baby to the breast more frequently than usual.Before serving, put on a warm compress with breast: it will help reduce the pain.Advising young mothers on the issue than to treat lactostasis, doctors are advised not to abuse drugs.Usually, you just handle regular breast ointment arnica, Traumeel S or solution Malawi, which eliminate the pain and swelling, anti-inflammatory effect and protect the milk ducts damaged by the ingress of harmful bacteria.


refuse to breastfeed when lactostasis in any case it is impossible, as this may provoke even greater accumulation of milk in the breast.

In the following video - treatment methods lactostasis folk remedies:

Instead, learn how to eliminate the discomfort associated with the disease, using compresses homemade.How to treat lactostasis a manner described below:

  • compress with honey.Honey, mix with the flour until the dough taut.Form a thick cake of it and attach to the sore spot for a few hours;
  • Compress of cabbage.Fresh cabbage leaf slightly repel, so he let the juice.Attach it to the problem area and fix the cloth for 1-2 hours;
  • hot compress.Bag of salt attach to the breast and neck for 5-10 minutes.When the body elevated temperature treatment is contraindicated.

also well relieves pain and swelling in the chest massage.Gently massage the seal in the mammary glands, moving from the edge to the center, for 10 minutes.At the end of the procedure Decant a little milk: it will ease the pain.