What and how to treat breast cysts

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Kisoobrazovanie breast - a phenomenon quite common.Women watching the health of their breasts, sometimes on their own exhibit this problem.

What and how to treat breast cysts offer modern doctors?

First of all, you should determine the cause of its occurrence.


At the touch of a cyst is still tight formation, like a small pebble.Speaking in medical terms, the cyst Breast - hormone-dependent disease is associated with increased levels of estrogen and prolactin in the blood.The risk of this disease group fall mainly women 30-40 years, having no children.Changes in hormonal levels - one of the main causes of cyst, according to doctors.

In some cases, hormonal disorders can be caused by oral contraceptives.Women who have recently undergone breast surgery and those who have relatives with the same diagnosis, should be particularly careful to monitor the health of the mammary glands.Doctors also produce other factors which can

lead to the formation of cysts in the breast:

  • Psycho-emotional state.Stressful situations and strong nervous shocks affect the stability of the hormonal levels and metabolism;
  • Power.Ration women directly affects the weight and metabolic state.Excessive fullness leads to hormone imbalance;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • Violations ovaries work;
  • Abortion.

Some scientists also see the connection between the formation of cysts in the breast and the disruption of the gallbladder and biliary tract.Each of the above factors is a powerful hormonal stress to the body, which leads to disruption of the balance of all systems and organs of the female.


In very rare cases, a cyst becomes large.In most cases, it is so small that it does not cause any discomfort woman.On it there is the patient can learn only after careful self-diagnosis of breast or scheduled scan in mammalogy.In medium and large sizes cyst symptoms are more noticeable.In particular, the woman feels a certain lump in her breast and a light soreness for a few days before menstruation.As the education compresses surrounding tissue, thereby enhancing the sense of discomfort.The characteristic symptoms of cyst formation in the breast are:

  • Burning and soreness at the site of localization of the cyst;
  • Drawing pains and irregularities during breast palpation;
  • discharge from the nipple;
  • Skin discoloration on the breast, chest deformity (for large size of the brush).

With the development of the inflammatory process in a woman's cyst observed increase in body temperature, redness of the breast and swollen lymph nodes under the armpits.In medical practice, there are several cases of degeneration of cysts in cancerous tumors.Doctors warn that the presence of fibrocystic breast substantially increases the risk of breast cancer.


Asked eat and how to treat breast cysts, doctors, first of all, offer patients undergo specialist examination.Professional Diagnostics allows you to specify the exact dimensions of structures, their number and shape.Subsequently, it will greatly facilitate the task of the doctor in deciding how to treat a breast cyst.Modern medicine offers a comprehensive treatment of the disease.Usually it turns out to fix the problem by medication.Only in cases where the cyst is bulky and gives a woman serious discomfort shows surgical operation to remove the affected breast.

Hormone therapy

Than to treat breast cysts yet?For the treatment of cysts smaller sizes used drugs including homeopathic.Commonly used herbal drugs - mastodinon, Indinol and others.

  • Mastodinon.Combined product is available in tablets and drops format.It helps reduce prolactin, restores hormonal balance;
  • Indinol.Antiestrogens and anti-tumor herbal preparation.Normalizes metabolism, displays the body of estrogen, thereby promoting the resorption of cysts.

These drugs provide long-term use - from 1 month to six months.