How and what to treat conjunctivitis in children

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Inflammation of the eyes may be accompanied by a variety of reasons.Most often, young children face this problem.

solve the question of how and what to treat conjunctivitis in children, it is necessary as soon as possible.

Ignoring early symptoms of infection, there is a risk of serious complications.


The most common factor that provokes inflammation of the eye membrane, are bacteria.Pathogenic microorganisms penetrate the mucous by friction eyes with dirty hands, much less - with foreign bodies (dust, specks, etc.).Usually, the inflammation affects both eyes with a difference of a few days.Another reason for conjunctivitis development - allergic reactions.

Contact allergen into the body often causes a reaction in the form of eye irritation.Potential culprits in this case may be food, pollen, wool plants, household chemicals and medicines.In recent years, cases of conjunctivitis in the background of children's colds.The causative agent i

n this case becomes a virus causing respiratory disease.Most often it appears in his role of herpes virus.


If the cause of conjunctivitis in children began to viruses and bacteria, there is a risk of infection of healthy people.The disease is transmitted through everyday through the personal care of the infected.Determine conjunctivitis in children is quite simple: the disease has a number of symptoms:

  • Redness and swelling of the eyes;
  • Bonding century in the morning;
  • Profuse watery;
  • pus from the eyes;
  • loss of appetite, insomnia.

Older children may complain of parents to blurred vision (image becomes blurred and indistinct), severe burning and itching in the eyes, as well as foreign body sensation in the mucous.At the first signs of inflammation Protect Sexual child with healthy children and adults.


Many parents are tormented by the question than to treat conjunctivitis in children.In this case, the best step would be to appeal to the eye doctor.Who else but a qualified physician will be able to accurately determine the cause of the inflammatory process and the type of agent?In accordance with these data specialist will select the most effective treatment.How to treat conjunctivitis in children?To the healing process was the fastest daily should perform a number of procedures:

  • eyewash furatsilina warm water or broth chamomile.Perform the procedure recommended every 2-3 hours, moving from the nose to the temple;
  • every 3 hours bury drops with anti-inflammatory effect that prescribed by your doctor.For infants suitable solution Albucidum children (15%) and for older children - chloramphenicol, or futsitalmik eubital;
  • Apply a night on the inside of the lower eyelid antibacterial ointment such as tetracycline or erythromycin.

In no case does not overlap the bandage sore eyes: they will cause a more rapid growth of bacteria development.Over time, when the state of the mucous membrane slightly improve, reduce the number of washing procedures and instillation of up to 3-4 times a day.In the matter than to treat conjunctivitis in children, doctors are advised to use sulfacetamide.

In the following videos demonstrate traditional recipes that allow children to cure conjunctivitis at home:

With instillation of the drug causes a strong burning sensation in the eyes, which makes treatment in a real torture for your baby.And despite the fact that only one eye is struck, it is recommended to treat both eyes, thus preventing penetration of infection to a healthy mucosa.Subject to all rules of treatment of conjunctivitis does not take a lot of time: about 5-7 days the inflammation will come to naught.