How and what to treat external hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids - one of the most common diseases of the rectum, which can occur in different forms.Depending on the localization of hemorrhoids are external and internal hemorrhoids.

How and what to treat external hemorrhoids at home?

Today the disease has been studied quite well, also developed effective methods for combating diseases.External hemorrhoids has a characteristic feature: hemorrhoids are located around the outside of the anus.Beyond the acute phase, they absolutely do not bother the patient.Education formed by expanding the vein walls hemorrhoidal plexus, which is located under the skin of the perineum.


probability of external hemorrhoids greatly increased in people with congenital weakness of the vein wall.However, the occurrence of hemorrhoids is associated with a number of specific conditions:

  • sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work;
  • chair Violation (constipation, prolonged straining at stoo
  • Lesson power sports;
  • Lifting weights;
  • Excessive consumption of meat, hot spices and spirits;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.

impact of the above factors on the human body causes the stagnation of venous blood in the pelvic organs that in the presence of a weak vein wall causes it to stretch and protrusion.The patient may simultaneously manifest as the external and internal hemorrhoids.


Very often the first symptoms of external hemorrhoids occur before the formation of hemorrhoids.Typically, this form of hemorrhoids actively manifests itself during exacerbation and in remission, on the other hand, the visible symptoms of the disease are not observed.Although symptoms of external hemorrhoids are not numerous, there are several the most prominent of them:

  • itching and discomfort in the anal area.Scratching the skin is even more irritation;
  • blood on the toilet paper.Dense stool can damage the skin on the hemorrhoids;
  • pain during defecation.This symptom occurs when the exacerbation of external hemorrhoids, when the components are heavily inflamed and swollen;
  • cones around the anus.Sam's patient may find themselves.


Asked than to treat external hemorrhoids, doctors one answer - medication.Among the medicines, the following:

  • Detraleks (analogues - venarus and Venodiol).The drug has a venous and venoprotektornym action.It prevents the formation of new units and strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • Ginkor Fort.It has kapillyaroprotektivny effect.It relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids and eliminates the stagnation of blood in the veins;
  • Asklezan A dietary supplement of plant origin, improves capillary blood circulation;
  • Payleks.Tablets with decongestants, wound healing and anti-inflammatory action.Used as in chronic and in acute hemorrhoids.

use any drugs in the treatment of external hemorrhoids you need only to destination the attending physician.

ointments and suppositories

for external use includes a mandatory set of medical treatment.Rectal suppositories, ointments and gels have analgesic and antibacterial effect on hemorrhoids.Than to treat external hemorrhoids locally?

  • Proctosedyl.Combined ointment, a composition comprising an antibiotic and a hormonal agent has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic action;
  • Relief Advanced / Ultra.Candles with shark liver oil has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, relieve itching and swelling;
  • Aurobin.Hormonal ointment prednisolone.Quickly heals damaged tissue, it eliminates burning and pain, struggles with pathogenic bacteria and fungi;
  • Heparin ointment.The most inexpensive way to treat external hemorrhoids.Methyluracilum.Rectal suppositories promote rapid healing of anal fissures hemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects;
  • Anuzol.Candles with zinc sulfate, an extract of belladonna and bismuth oxide have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.