How and what to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

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Pleasant expectation of a long-awaited baby may be overshadowed by a variety of health problems.Upon successful completion of pregnancy, many women experience hemorrhoids.

How and what treat hemorrhoids postpartum women?

disease develops not because of labor, as many think.Usually the disease process begins to take shape long before childbirth, during pregnancy.However, the disease is detected only after the baby is born, because in the process of straining hemorrhoids fall out.


During childbearing women abdominal pressure rises significantly, and throughout the period of pregnancy remains high.In this regard, it is developing venous stasis in the pelvic organs.Later during childbirth tuzhitsya woman strongly increases sharply due to which the pressure on the venous wall, which eventually leads to the formation of hemorrhoids.Factors contributing to the active development of hemorrhoids after childbirt

h, may act:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Overweight;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • Congenital anomalies of the venous wall.

After giving birth, the illness, if it all this time, leaked hidden, manifested in an acute form.Women may experience symptoms such as bleeding from the anus, and an increase in loss of hemorrhoids, cracks around the anus.


Patients ask questions, how to treat hemorrhoids after giving birth, doctors rarely prescribe medication.Many oral medications have a number of severe side effects, while others are contraindicated during lactation.Most are safe for women after giving birth the following drugs:

  • Local anesthetics (ointments and gels, rectal suppositories) - neflubin, benzocaine, bupivacaine;
  • venous drugs - vikasol, endotenol, detraleks;
  • laxatives.

choice of drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth depends on the stage of a newborn baby's feeding.In less severe disease, and doctors do not recommend the use of potent drugs medication, and to facilitate the symptoms of hemorrhoids suggest the use of local anesthetics - ointments and rectal suppositories.


for surgery, doctors resorted to only if drug therapy is ineffective.How to treat hemorrhoids after giving birth can be today?There are several surgical methods to get rid of hemorrhoids:

  • Injection sclerotherapy;
  • ligation method, and others.

Power hemorrhoids

common knowledge that contribute to the worsening of hemorrhoids and constipation.To organize the work of the digestive system and improve the efficiency of the underlying disease are advised to follow a special diet.Feeding lactating women, according to doctors, should be balanced and rich in dietary fiber.The daily menu of young mothers need to include the following products:

  • Dried fruit (apricots and prunes);
  • Bananas and apples;
  • Kashi (buckwheat, oatmeal, barley);
  • Wheat bran;
  • vegetable oils (sunflower, olive or flaxseed).

the morning on an empty stomach is useful to drink a glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of honey: it will wake up the digestion and enhance its motility.Along with this diet for hemorrhoids does not accept the use of smoked, salty, fatty and spicy foods, starchy foods and sweets.Under the ban as chocolate, mustard and sweet fizzy drinks, rice and semolina.

Personal Care

personal hygiene - an important step in the treatment of hemorrhoids.Improper care exacerbate the disease.After each bowel movement is recommended to wash with cool water, as it reduces the pain and inflammation.But the hot tub and sauna with hemorrhoids are contraindicated.How to treat hemorrhoids after he come yet?Useful become warm sitz baths with a decoction of medicinal herbs such as chamomile and calendula, sage, oak bark.