How to treat hemorrhoids - candles , medicines

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Choose an effective cure for hemorrhoids - a simple task, but only at first glance.Due to the wide variety of products on the market today pharmacology, many patients are lost in the selection.

How to treat hemorrhoids - candles, medications or ointments?

unequivocal answer to this question is no, because all drugs work in different ways. After reading positive reviews about a particular medications, patients with a diagnosis of hemorrhoids are beginning to take it without even thinking about the fact that the body of each person is different.As a result, self-medication or does not bring any effect, or aggravate the situation.

drugs Groups

Today, there are many preparations against hemorrhoids, differing not only in price range, and pharmacological properties.How to treat hemorrhoids offers modern medicine?On the spectrum of action are the following groups

of medicines:

  • venous.Increases the tone of the venous muscle;
  • Venoprotektory.Reduces the permeability of veins and restore microcirculation, relieve swelling and inflammation;
  • Venoskleroziruyuschie.Funds on the basis of propylene glycol eliminates damage to the endothelium of veins;
  • Anticoagulants.Drugs, which is the active substance heparin to prevent blood clots, struggling with swelling inflammation;
  • gemostatiki.This group of drugs has a strong anti-inflammatory and reparative effect and is used in chronic hemorrhoids with frequent bleedings;
  • antispasmodics.Reduce the pain of hemorrhoids.Most often used in the form of rectal suppositories;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs.Prevent the inflammation of the veins, reduce swelling and itching;
  • Anesthetics.Their action is aimed at reducing pain and itching;
  • Immunostimulators.Contribute to increase mucosal resistance to pathogenic organisms;
  • antiinfectives.And prevents the development of infection;
  • Other drugs.In addition, doctors suggest medications to treat hemorrhoids, candles and ointments with antiseptic, regenerating and antioxidant action.

Typically, treatment of hemorrhoids begin with topical therapy.Ointments, gels, sprays, rectal suppositories, and other means to help reduce discomfort and ease the condition of patients.As systemic exposure to the source of the disease using tablets and capsules for oral administration.The choice of drugs than to cure hemorrhoids, is carried out strictly by the attending physician who is familiar with the patient's medical history and individual characteristics of the organism.

Medicines in the early stages

Unfortunately, most modern drugs though are effective against hemorrhoids, leave permanent mark on other organs.How to treat hemorrhoids in the initial stages of the process?At the beginning of the disease should be preferred drugs based on natural ingredients.Effective in such a situation may be, and traditional medicines, however, they can be used only after consultation with your doctor.Instead, rectal suppositories and ointments for hemorrhoids well help natural vegetable oils St. John's wort, buckthorn and yarrow, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Medicines in the later stages

If the pathological process has already started and is actively progressing disease, can not do without the use of more powerful drugs of synthetic origin.How to treat hemorrhoids in the later stages?

  • Detraleks.Tablets for oral administration strengthens walls of blood vessels, helping to prevent unpleasant consequences of constipation;
  • Posterisan.The components of this drug improve immunity, enhance the regeneration of damaged tissues and reduce the risk of thrombus formation in the rectum;
  • Ginkor Fort.The drug is for the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids.It restores immunity, improves blood circulation in the blood vessels of the rectum.

preparations for hemorrhoids pregnant

It is well known that many of the existing drugs are contraindicated for pregnant women.How to treat hemorrhoids in the position of women - medicine, candles or other means?In the early stages of the disease prevention measures are used, and in the later stages of the disease-causing process shown in local treatment.The most safe and effective medicines from hemorrhoids for pregnant women are:

  • Ultraproct.Ointments and candles have a rapid analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Gel nefluan.It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • sea buckthorn candles.Reduce inflammation and heal the damage, do not have contra-indications.