Than to treat constipation in the elderly

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  • reasons senile constipation
  • Typical complaints
  • methods of treatment
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Laxatives
  • Prevention

Elderly people over 70 years old are especially prone to the emergence of persistent constipation.Usually this problem is preceded by a number of reasons.

Than to treat constipation in the elderly?

One of the main methods of treatment is to laxatives, which is being implemented in conjunction with other measures.

reasons senile constipation

More than 50% of older persons have obvious symptoms of constipation.Routine stool delay may be either an independent functional disorder of the digestive process and symptom of gastrointestinal diseases.Typically, constipation in the elderly occur because of several reasons:

  • Malnutrition and the volume of fluid;
  • deficit of fiber entering the body with food;
  • Climax;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Diabetes;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Long-term use of laxatives and diuretics, antidepressants.

It is known that in old age a person physical acti

vity decreases sharply, which may also be the cause of problems with a chair.However, the main mechanism for the development of constipation in the elderly is the deterioration of blood flow in the pelvic organs due to natural age-related factors.

Typical complaints

5-7 days delay of the chair, as a rule, does not cause older persons any trouble.However, this phenomenon can lead to a very unhealthy consequences: the development of intestinal dysbiosis, the formation of stones and intoxication body as a whole.The key to the diagnosis of constipation are the complaints which patients seek medical advice at long delay chair.The most characteristic of constipation in the elderly are the following characteristics:

  • Prolonged straining;
  • solid feces, leaving lumps;
  • incomplete emptying of the bowel Feeling;
  • rare bowel movements (less than 3 times a week).

With the development of chronic constipation, bowel movements become virtually impossible without the use of laxatives.

methods of treatment

Regardless of the causes of the problem of the issue decision, than to treat constipation in the elderly, is aimed at addressing the symptoms and improve the intestinal peristalsis.Given the advanced age of patients, doctors use sparing therapeutic measures:


According to gastroenterologist, older people with a delay chair in need of elevated levels of dietary fiber, which are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereals and bran.Positive developments in the treatment of constipation is achieved with the use of fiber 30-40 grams per day.Raw vegetables and fruits that enhance intestinal peristalsis, it is better to eat in the morning on an empty stomach.


Than to treat constipation in the elderly can be more?Due to limited mobility and the presence of certain diseases, not all elderly people are able to stick to the normal level of physical activity.However, for the normalization of the chair it will be enough light 15-minute time charge in the morning or short walks in the fresh air.The positive effect on bowel activity have "scissors" exercise "bicycle" and other techniques that strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall.


Unfortunately, the treatment of constipation in older people can not do without the use of laxatives.Selection is based on the medication and patient complaints associated diseases in view of possible side effects of prescription medications and interactions with other drugs.A good effect has laxative teas, even the short use of which helps to normalize the chair.The rest should trust your doctor, who will pick up the necessary range of medicines for the treatment of constipation and primary diseases.


prevent the occurrence of a problem than to treat constipation in the elderly, by changing the way of life.To improve the motor activity of the intestine is sufficient to maintain an average level of physical activity (walking and gymnastics), and also regularly perform self-massage techniques abdomen.Also do not forget about replenishing liquid in the body, which activates the large intestine and helps promote the work stool.