How and what to treat constipation in adult

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Indigestion function adversely affects the well-being of man.Most people complain of constipation in such cases.

like than to cure constipation in adults on their own?

As a rule, the violation of defecation is a symptom of more serious dysfunctions.


According to the beliefs of most people who are not versed in matters of medicine, constipation - it's not a daily emptying of the colon.In part, this statement can be called true.However, from a medical point of view, constipation is a sharp decrease in the frequency of defecation acts or complete absence of the chair for more than 3 days.Meanwhile, it should be emphasized that the intensity of bowel movements - especially individual parameter depending on the characteristics of human nutrition and habits.

Therefore, additional criteria for determining the need for, how to cure constipation in adults, is free defecation.If the stool comes out f

reely without excessive straining, long waiting times and the blood of impurities, we can talk about the absence of constipation.Otherwise, you need to understand what might be causing the problem.The main causes of constipation gastroenterologist called:

  • Lack of fiber in the body;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • Diseases of the digestive system;
  • Chronic poisoning by chemicals (important for people working in the "hazardous" industries);
  • Long-term use of painkillers and anticholinergics;
  • Violation of thyroid function of the ovaries or pituitary gland;
  • Obstructions in the large intestine in the form of tumors, scars and other entities.

image of a person's life, his daily ration of food and habits are also one of the determining factors in the development of constipation.

clinical picture

delay symptoms of the chair, for the most part, do not depend on the causes and intestinal tone.By reducing the activity of the intestinal motility is deteriorating, which slows down the process of moving the stool.In case of increased tone in some areas there is a spasm of the intestine, which is a kind of "pinches" cal, rather than letting it go further.When constipation person may disturb the following symptoms:

  • Bloating and fullness in the abdomen;
  • Aching pain in the gut;
  • dense and voluminous feces;
  • painful defecation, effortless;
  • Sleep Disorders;
  • lethargy and fatigue;
  • Change emotional background.

Diet for constipation

Saying than cure constipation in adults, doctors in the first place, it is advised to adjust the power.A balanced and healthy diet - one of the most effective ways to normalize the stool, especially in those cases where the problem occurs because of digestive diseases.Diet for constipation in adults involves the rejection of smoked, fatty and spicy foods, pastries and muffins, alcohol, and canned goods.Instead it recommended to diversify the diet of fruits and vegetables rich in digestible fiber, dairy products, cereals from cereals, bran and vegetable oils.Adequate intake of water (1.5-2 liters per day) will also help to improve intestinal motility and handle bars.


life Lack of physical activity and violation of the "leisure-work" impose a negative impact on the digestive tract.How to cure constipation in adults in this case?First of all, try to increase motor activity during the day: do morning exercises or enjoy active sports - running, swimming, walking trails.In addition to devote sufficient time sleep, but it is not less than 7-8 hours daily.Do not drive yourself to the emergence of chronic fatigue, promptly arrange vacation.


examining the question of how to cure constipation in adults, the first thing that comes to mind - it's laxatives.And, indeed, they are effective against constipation can not be denied.However, it should be understood that preparations laxative action affect only a symptom, but do not eliminate the root cause of constipation.The complex drug therapy, typically include the following groups of products:

  • antispasmodics (no-spa and dratoverin);
  • Medications to improve intestinal motility (trimedat);
  • Laxatives (Duphalac others);
  • Vegetable oils (pumpkin seed, castor and linseed).