How and what treat joints in her arms

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One of the most moving parts of the human body are the hands.As with their hands we perform daily activities necessary for us, so it's important to keep them healthy.

How and what treat joints in her arms in various diseases?

For people whose professional activity is related to manual work, often suffer from pain and other symptoms.Hands are connected with the human body by means of blades and collarbones.There are several large joints of hands: shoulder, elbow, wrist, and wrist and finger bones.Those who are forced to regularly expose your hands high loads, sooner or later wondering about the need for treatment of certain pathologies.


Despite the fact that the disease rarely affects the joints of the hands.Osteoarthritis - a disease that destroys the cartilage, causing the joints wear out quickly, and any movement causes severe pain.However, in the earl

y stages of the disease process does not cause the patient any unpleasant sensations.Later, you may receive the discomfort while driving, because the bone thickens.How to treat the joints of the hands in osteoarthritis?The basis of the medical treatment is welcome chondroprotectors that nourish and regenerate cartilage tissue, contribute to its renewal.In the treatment of osteoarthritis mostly used in preparations with chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine, or a combination thereof.


often faced with this disease people, in whose diet is dominated by food of animal origin.Because of the increased consumption of meat in the joints formed urate - salt of uric acid.Accumulating in the body, they contribute to the appearance of acute pains in the joints, causing problems in flexion-extension of fingers.As a result of joint injury there is severe swelling and the skin in the affected place gets purple-red hue.The disease is aggravated after the consumption of alcohol, fatty foods and meat products.Those who do not know, than to treat joints in the hands of gout, should see a doctor.For pain relief specialist will appoint a receiving analgesics.Subsequently, the recommended special diet, limiting consumption of meat and alcohol.

Arthritis Arthritis of the fingers may occur due to the influence of different factors: infections, trauma, autoimmune or degenerative.Joint pain and limited mobility - the main symptoms of this disease.Typically, there is pain when pressure is applied to the affected joint.However, some patients experience acute pain constantly.The way to treat arthritic joints of the hands, will depend on the diagnosed disease forms.Mainly used NSAIDs for arthritis and other symptomatic medications, as well as physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises that speed up the healing process.

Traditional medicine

the treatment of joints of hands and should use traditional medicine.Described herein drugs of natural origin to be used outside of an exacerbation of the disease.Course use of various means to help restore the normal functioning of joints.

compress burdock

excellent effect has burdock root or fresh juice out of it.Also as a wrap for joints can be used fresh leaves of the plant.Crush a few leaves in a meat grinder and mix with honey in the ratio 1: 1.Gruel imposes on the affected joint, wrap the foil and keep all the night;

Mustard poultice

For pains in the joints of the hands, use the old-fashioned method.Mix 100 grams of camphor, the same amount of dry mustard powder and 2 raw egg whites.First mix the mustard and camphor oil, whisk the eggs in a dense foam and gradually stir in the total weight.Rub this tool joints for the night, wrapping them with cling film and a woolen scarf;


This spongy herb improves blood circulation in patients with joint pain.Bodyagi powder mix with a small amount of water and a few drops of vegetable oil.Rub the affected joint with this ointment and leave for a few minutes.The appearance of light burning - a normal phenomenon.