Sore hips : what and how to treat

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OnStatistically, more than half of the people after the 40 years, faced with joint pain.However, younger patients often come to medical appointments with complaints of pain in the pelvis.

hips ache: what and how to treat this problem?

determine the cause of pain in the pelvic area is sometimes difficult due to the fact that they can be caused not only by the local damage, but also diseases of the spine.In some cases, the cause of pain in the joints are the abdominal pathology, in particular, sex.All causes can be divided into 4 groups: injury, illness, and especially the pelvic structure, diseases and injuries of the pelvic organs, systemic diseases.Depending on which of the hip joints ache, selected the most optimum treatment.


This issue is very relevant, as the disease of the musculoskeletal system occupy a leading place.I

nitially walking sore hip joints, however, with time, the pain begins to occur at rest.However, the causes of this phenomenon are not only diseases of the joints, but other organs and systems:


Group inflammatory type diseases.Aggravating factors is obesity, pelvic trauma and genetic predisposition.When walking, pain in the front of the thighs and groin intensified, leisure brings temporary relief;

Rheumatoid arthritis

In this disease the immune system cells attack cells periarticular bag, resulting in the destruction of the joints.Many patients with this diagnosis complain that aching hips after hypothermia or changing weather conditions;

Injury hip

strong contusion, sprain, joint sprain or fracture can cause osteonecrosis.In this disease, blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the tissues of the hipbone.As a result, the joint becomes thinner and breaks;

diseases and injuries bodies

  • spine neuralgia;
  • Inguinal hernias;
  • dysplastic coxarthrosis.

Systemic diseases

  • Arthritis (gout, lupus, polymyalgia rheumatica);
  • psoriatic arthritis;
  • Paget's disease;
  • hip infection.


There are many options to treat than if sore hips.The success of the use of a particular method depends on the causes of pain.However, whatever the source of pain, medical therapy is a must-see destination treating hip joints.It involves taking the following groups of products:

  • NSAIDs.Indomethacin, diclofenac and other nonsteroidal drugs facilitate pain and anti-inflammatory effect on joints.In severe cases may require steroid intake means - prednisolone, cortisone and others;
  • Chondroprotectors.Vitamin and mineral complex in the composition of these drugs improves the nutrition of tissues in the affected area;
  • Muscle relaxants.Reduce reflex muscle spasm, appearing as a result of pain.

Sore hips: how to treat another?In conjunction with drug treatment is generally carried out a course of physiotherapy and chiropractic.


For ease pain when moving orthopedic patients prescribed the use of assistive devices.For example, stick helps reduce the load on the affected joint, and special orthopedic insole toe support and improve function.Fixing bandage - another way to immobilize the hip joint.Its regular wearing improves the stability and mobility of the pelvis.


Sore hips: how to treat them after the aggravation?At the final stage of treatment, when acute symptoms are eliminated, it is necessary to restore joint function.A special set of physical exercises increases the strength and flexibility of joints and muscles of the pelvis.Proper exercises will restore joint mobility, and improve the patient's state of health quickly.