Aching elbow - the elbow and how to treat

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pain in the elbow refers to one of the most common complaints with which a doctor-travmatologu treated patients.The reasons why the sore elbow, there are many.

What and how to treat elbow at home?

Given the wide range of diseases that have this symptom, determining an accurate diagnosis is very important because this will depend on the type of treatment.Unpleasant sensations occasionally occur in many people at the elbow.The most common cause - injury or dislocation.However, certain groups of people are forced to deal with the pain in the elbow is very often due to their professional activities.


Painters and masons, massage therapists, and lovers of the garden, as well as the athletes are at increased risk for diseases of the elbow joint.In some cases, a sharp rise of weights to there pain in the elbow.Appearing once a symptom can not be held for weeks or months.To prev

ent this problem does not become chronic, the question of what and how to treat the elbow, it is necessary to solve immediately.However, before you opt for treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the pain.


This disease, like arthritis of the elbow is the inflammation in the elbow joint tissues.Patients with this diagnosis complain that hurt his elbow when bending or stretching hands;


A similar disease - arthrosis elbow.His reasons may serve as trauma, increased and regular load on the elbow, and the past history of arthritis;

«tennis elbow»

syndrome Treatment of tennis elbow is based on the use of symptomatic drugs.The disease is the most common reason why the elbow hurts.Pain occurs because of increased stress and trauma of the forearm muscles, and sometimes because of their age (30-35 years).

methods of treatment

How to treat elbow depends on the diagnosis of the attending physician.a variety of methods are used for diagnosis of the elbow to date: X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, puncture of the joint, and more.Seek professional help is necessary in cases where you do not know what to treat and get rid of elbow pain.Immediate medical attention is required in the following situations:

  • Inability to lift and hold objects in his hand;
  • trauma or stroke elbow, which caused a pain;
  • Soreness long pass and disturbed during the night;
  • Signs of infection (fever, fever, redness of the skin in the area of ​​the joint).

Usually, the first thing the doctor does to the patient, which greatly hurt the elbow - it assigns receiving painkillers.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen) to help in part to get rid of the pain, but do not get involved in their reception: they have a strong irritating effect on the gastric mucosa.Also, the patient should be observed and peace once again not to disturb the sore elbow.How to treat elbow else?In some cases it is advisable to wear a special clamp to the elbow.

When running pathological processes doctor may resort to surgery and the use of intramuscular injections of steroids.Physiotherapy and physical therapy also have a positive effect on the patient elbow.However, these techniques are applied only after overcoming the acute phase of the disease as the recovery procedures.

Traditional medicine

If sore elbow, you can try to eliminate unpleasant symptom using all known traditional medicine:

  • few birch leaves pour over boiling water and knead lightly.Attach to the sore elbow and secure with a thick cloth.Keep the compress for at least 3 hours;
  • in equal proportions, mix chamomile flowers and elderberry, pour a small amount of boiling water.Warm herbal mush attach to the joint, apply top cellophane and secure with a handkerchief;
  • 2 tablespoons geranium stems pour 2 cups of cold water, allow to stand for 8-10 hours.Cloth soaked in the infusion, apply to the elbow for 2-3 hours.