As well as than to treat an ankle sprain ligaments

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Under sprain is commonly understood as damage or a partial ligament tearin a particular area.Doctors familiar problem stretching ankle ligaments.

How and what to treat ankle sprain ligaments at home?

mistake to believe that such a problem faced only athletes.Frequent and small sprains, which fix the joint, we see very rarely.But this factor contributes to a more severe ankle injury.Regular tucking legs in high heels, the weakness of the internal muscles and ligaments of the ankle, as well as congenital diseases increase the risk of injury.


Bundles are fibers of the connective tissue that hold bones together, making the joint more stable and limiting his mobility in the hand.Ankle Sprain - one of the most common injuries.Such damage may result from:

  • Fall, a sharp turn or hit;
  • Running mud walking on uneven ground;
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes (high h
  • Wrong choice of shoes for sport (no lock on the ankle).

As practice shows, in most cases, an ankle sprain occurs on home soil, not sports.A special role in this part of the leg injuries played a congenital weakness of the ligaments and diseases affecting the muscular tissue and nerve conduction.

Symptoms stretching

partial tendon rupture - is always painful.However, in addition to pain ankle sprain symptoms may include:

  • ankle edema;
  • bruising or bruising;
  • lameness when walking;
  • Limiting joint mobility;
  • Instability (loosening) of the joint that connects the foot and shin.

As a rule, sprains pain gets worse in the afternoon.Along with this increased swelling of the damaged portion of the legs: it can last 2-3 days.When the feeling of the ankle can be found a hole - a place torn ligaments.If you have any of the above symptoms should consult a doctor with the problem of how to treat a sprain ankle ligaments.X-rays will allow to understand whether there is a fracture or dislocation of the joint, which will prescribe the most effective treatment.


From the severity of symptoms and the severity of the damage will depend on what to treat ankle sprain ligaments.First of all, in the event of injury, remove shoes and socks feet, providing quiet ankle.can be applied to a damaged area of ​​an ice pack, which was previously necessary to wrap the fabric to reduce pain.With the same purpose, you can take any pain medication in the absence of contraindications.And than to treat an ankle sprain doctors advise?Drug treatment is the use of the following drugs:

  • ointments and gels.inflammatory external agents with indomethacin or diclofenac are used for the relief of pain and swelling;
  • NSAIDs.Pills and injections of non-steroidal type (ibuprofen, Voltaren and indometatsn) reduce inflammation and accelerate healing of ligaments;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • LFK.The complex of special exercises, which is actively used in the final stage of treatment, helps restore joint mobility.

for resorption of inflammation focus in the home can be used finalgon ointment, gel or diklak Nikofleks.Rub them need 1-2 times a day, massaged with smooth movements.

Traditional medicine

no less effectively to treat ankle sprain ligaments and folk remedies.The use of drugs of natural origin helps to strengthen the action of the basic medical treatment.How to treat ankle sprain traditional medicines?

compress vodka

The vodka room temperature soak the bandage, apply to the affected area, cover with plastic wrap and Insulate with a handkerchief, leave for 6-8 hours.Within 1-2 days the swelling will disappear;


required amount of powder concoctions dilute with warm water to the state of slurry.Lightly rub in a circular motion into the skin of the ankle.Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water;

Compress with potatoes

Rub on a small grater medium potato, onions and cabbage.All the ingredients mix well: should receive gruel.Put the weight on the ankle, cover with cling film and fix a warm scarf for the night.