how to treat a varicocele

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varicocele - a varicose vein in the testicle and spermatic cord.This in itself is not a dangerous disease, but male infertility may occur on its background.

How to treat varicocele surgically offer physicians?

Surgical intervention is by far the most effective treatment.


Violation of the valves located in the veins, resulting in the fact that they no longer prevent backflow of blood as it comes with the right job.Increasing the pressure in the veins leading to the fact that the blood begins to flow in the opposite direction, causing a strong veins that surround the spermatic cord.On the question of how to treat a varicocele, an expert will be able to respond only after a detailed diagnosis of the patient.

Another one of the reasons that result in a breach of the functioning of the valves, doctors called the anatomical features of the structure of the renal vein.the incidence of var

icoceles sad statistics: 10-15% of men face this problem.Often, doctors observed cases of varicocele left-hand because the left testicular Vienna empties into the left renal vein at a right angle.Bilateral lesion of veins occurs much less often - about 20% of the total number of cases of disease.


Depending on the severity of the pathological process are four stages of the flow of varicocele.And if the early stages of the disease is usually detected by chance when performing medical tests on the planned inspection, but in the later stages of development disorders become visible to the naked eye.So, how to treat varicocele, it depends on the stage of the disease.

Unfortunately, early diagnosis of the disease is rarely carried out, because the onset of disease symptoms at any usually observed.Often the disease begins to flow into the hidden puberty.The only symptom that signals about violations - it is a pain in the testicle.If you are concerned about slack pulling pain, occurring mainly after exercise or being in an upright position, complained to the doctor.

Possible consequences

If time does not put the question to the doctor, how to treat varicocele, the disease will become more complex form and can cause irreversible effects on the male body.The problem detected in the later stages, inevitably leads to infertility and pain.Approximately 40% of infertile men diagnosed varicocele.The development of male infertility in this case is due to three factors:

  • testicular ischemia;
  • Contact biologically active substances from the kidneys to the testicles;
  • Accumulation of free radicals that damage the testicular tissue.


advising patients on how to treat varicocele, doctors offer the only effective method to solve the problem - surgery.It should be noted that the operation is carried out not only in patients with advanced stages of varicocele, but also among adolescents with the disease, as infertility prevention.Today distinguish 4 types of surgeries that are performed in varicocele in men:

  • Open surgery.Its purpose - isolation of testicular veins, located above the inner ring of the inguinal canal;
  • Operation of minimal access.Minimally invasive procedure, which assumes the implementation of a small incision at the site of the projection exit of the spermatic cord ligation and vein;
  • Endoscopic surgery.During the procedure, performed three puncture through which entered the clamps and scissors.Then the damaged vein superimposed brackets or tie up their surgical thread;
  • Microsurgical testicular revascularization.The operation is performed testicular vein transplant in epigastric.

speedy conduct of surgery is indicated for pain in the testicles, male infertility and the presence of aesthetic defect scrotum.

People's treatment of varicocele

as an adjunct treatment of varicocele in men is often used traditional medicine.Good symptomatic effect is the following drugs of natural origin:

  • Herbal.Take equal parts chamomile, rue and flowers chestnut, willow bark, rhizome raspberry and yarrow and pour 500 ml of boiling water.The present throughout the day, take a decoction of 150 ml, 2 times a day;
  • Apple infusion.Three medium-sized apples varieties Antonovka cut into slices and pour 1 liter of boiling water, wrap a towel container and leave for 3 hours.Strained infusion take 50 ml in the morning and evening before meals;
  • Baths with a decoction of herbs.The positive effect is a warm bath with a decoction of oak branches, chestnut and willow.The bath should be taken every night for 20-30 minutes.