Sore knee - what and how to treat the joints in the knees

Category Traumatology | August 12, 2017 17:53


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known that his knees - the most loaded part of the human body.Over time, increased stress leads to the fact that a person has a sore knee.

with the question, what and how to treat the joints in the knees, it is better to consult a doctor-traumatologist.

Various injuries and other factors can cause a number of diseases.Pain in the knee - not a specific symptom that could signal not only to injury or tension, but also more dangerous problems.In the treatment of knee joints is now used modern techniques of mass.However, to choose the most effective of them, you need to know the cause of discomfort in the knee area.


most common diseases of the knee today are arthrosis and arthritis.With timely establishment of their causes treatment usually produces positive results.However, not always in patients who go to the doctor with a complaint that hurts knee, diagnosed arthritis or osteoarthritis.Causes of pain and othe

r uncomfortable sensations bearing can act:

  • joint damage - fracture, sprain, bruise, break or knee sprain, fracture of the meniscus;
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.It is accompanied by an inflammatory process that destroys the structure of the joint;
  • Osteoarthritis.Reduces the strength and elasticity of the joint, which then leads to its destruction;
  • infections.The causative agents of tuberculosis, influenza, gonorrhea and syphilis fall into the joint tissues with blood stream or lymphatic system;
  • not infectious disease - varicose veins, gout, psoriasis and osteoporosis.

versatile way than to treat the joints in the knees with severe pain does not exist.That therapy is effective against a disease, is likely to be totally effective against the other.That is why it is so important to undergo a medical diagnosis, which not only determine the reason why sore knee, but will also see the complete clinical picture.


Modern medicine has developed several procedures for joint research on the subject of inflammatory and degenerative processes in them.To determine how to treat the joints in the knees, in part to help the following diagnostic methods:

  • Radiography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Arthroscopy.

If you have any knee injuries should immediately seek medical care and do not attempt to relieve the pain with the help of the first available tools.


In cases when knee pain, commonly used combination therapy.Its main component is medical therapy.Appointed medical drugs aimed at the treatment of pain and swelling that often occurs when the inflammation in the joint.In the treatment of knee often use the following medicines:

  • NSAIDs (diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc.);
  • Corticosteroids;
  • Hypnotics and sedatives;
  • Warming ointments and gels for rubbing.

Short attachment cold or warm compresses also helps to reduce the pain for a while.In some cases, doctors prescribe to patients with Dimexidum compresses or lidocaine, which perfectly eliminates the pain and help reduce inflammation.This treatment is 7-10 days.


Talking about what to treat joints in the knees can be in addition to drugs, it is worth emphasizing the importance of wearing special bandages-clamps.Bandage restricts the movement of the knee joint, thereby decreasing pain and improving its functionality.Also on sale are locking means, relieving the burden that falls on the affected joint.

loads Decrease

If you constantly sore knee, should adjust the level of physical activity.First of all, patients with bad knees should avoid the following types of activity:

  • Long climbs the stairs;
  • Running;
  • Skiing;
  • Aerobics and jumping rope;
  • Working with weights;
  • Squats.

Meanwhile, stick to very sedentary lifestyle, even with pain in the knees can not.Regularly perform a special set of exercises designed to improve flexibility and strength of the knee.Regular physiotherapy over time will reduce the intensity of pain, increase range of motion and help you feel better overall.