How and what treat metastases

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In the absence of timely and adequate treatment of cancer can spread to other organs of the human body.The presence of metastasis helps determine the stage of cancer.

How and what treat metastases offer modern oncologists?

Today, physicians can say with certainty that the metastases begin to form almost immediately after the formation of malignant tumors.Metastases are the secondary focus of cancer.Typically, the disease spread to the lymphatic system, bone, liver and lungs.Cancer cells can easily penetrate into the lymph and blood, is carried along with them on other bodies.


Metastasis is usually manifested in the later stages of the cancer.The reason is that for a long time, the human immune system inhibits the growth of secondary foci of cancer.Spreading with the blood and lymph, the cancer cells may remain inactive.Another of their distinctive feature - slow growth.Since tumor metastases can develop for se

veral years.The speed of this process depends on the type and level of differentiation of tumor tissues.How to treat metastasized to slow down the formation of secondary foci of cancer?As a rule, special therapy allows for long enough to contain the process of metastasis.The frequency of metastasis may depend on a number of the following factors:

  • cancer detection step;
  • Location of primary malignant tumors;
  • shape and histological features of cancers;
  • Age of the patient.

analysis of the above factors allows physicians to make a preliminary forecast and pick up the drugs, than to treat metastases in a particular case will be more effective.


Clinical manifestations of metastasis depend on the location of the secondary foci of cancer.For example, bone loss associated with frequent pain and fractures in the body.When metastasis to the brain symptoms such as frequent headaches, seizures, an abrupt change in the nature of consciousness and the patient.To determine the presence of metastases and their range of localization allow such modern diagnostic methods, such as MRI, ultrasound, computed tomography and X-ray and radioisotope research.

Localization metastasis

Spread of cancer cells can occur both in the nearby and far-situated organs from the primary tumor.Metastases occur most frequently in liver, lymph nodes and lungs.Consider the typical localization of metastases in relation to the area of ​​the primary pathology location:

  • tumors in the large intestine, uterus and ovaries, pancreas (liver, lung or abdominal cavity);
  • Lung Cancer (liver and adrenal glands, the second light);
  • Skin Cancer (liver, lung, muscle);
  • tumor breast or prostate cancer (lung, bone, liver);
  • rectal tumors (lung, liver, or adrenal glands).

process of metastasis of malignant tumors indicates that the body is no longer able on their own to fight the disease.The need for prompt solution to the question how to treat metastases, due to the fact that the formation of secondary tumors affect vital organs and systems, disrupting their function.In addition metastases, usually accompanied by excruciating pain that worsens the patient's condition.


Despite the fact that medicine has made great strides in the treatment of cancer, for oncologists question than to treat metastasis remains one of the most difficult.When multiple metastases nature preferred medical therapy, which includes:

  • Chemotherapy;
  • Immunotherapy;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • Targeted therapy.

In cases where metastasis threaten the patient's life, doctors prescribe surgery.Sometimes surgery is replaced by a less invasive method - radiosurgery.Single metastases have a better prognosis and tend to their growth effectively constrained by a combination of medication and radiation therapy.