As well as than to treat an inguinal hernia

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hernia - a fairly common problem among pregnant women and people who are overweight.Education, localized in the groin, could face serious complications.

How and what to treat different types of inguinal hernia?

Today, modern medicine offers a wide variety of methods - from medication to surgery.


When an inguinal hernia organs located in the abdominal cavity, beyond and enter the inguinal canal.This problem did not go unnoticed: the person has a tumor-like protrusion in the abdominal wall, and he was concerned about the pain in this area.But before to treat an inguinal hernia, it is necessary to understand the causes of its origin:

  • Cough chronic type (smoker's cough, for example);
  • Overweight;
  • Constipation;
  • Regular weight lifting;
  • Pregnancy.

more often a problem of occurrence of inguinal hernia faced by men.This is due to structural fe

atures: the inguinal canal in males less than strengthened muscles and tendons than women.Increased intra-abdominal pressure leads to a defect in the groin, and which goes hernia.Weakness of the muscles and ligaments of the abdominal wall may contribute to the emergence of such problems.


clinical picture of the disease is characterized by sudden and gradual development.In the early stages of education, has not yet attained the impressive size, can not cause appreciable patient discomfort or any pain.However, during prolonged inguinal hernia can come back to haunt a number of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent pain in the lower abdomen or groin;
  • disadvantages when walking and performing physical work;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Resi in the urethra;
  • Urinary retention (mainly in elderly patients).

cope alone with the problem than to treat an inguinal hernia, can not be anyone.Self-medication in this case threatens a number of complications, such as inflammation of hernia and testicular stagnation of feces in the intestines, as well as infringement of inguinal hernia.

Treatment of inguinal hernia

Doctors generally offer only one way to treat an inguinal hernia - a surgical procedure.In the absence of timely treatment is formed irreducible hernia.Depending on the stage and the individual patient specialist can assign one of three held today operations:

Endoscopic hernioplasty

Removing hernia sac is carried out through small punctures in the abdominal cavity, where it is then assigned a special net.This operation is considered to be one of the most low-traumatic.After removal of the hernia patient stays in the hospital for 2-3 days, while there is little pain.The probability of relapse - less than 4%.

Operation Liechtenstein

A skin incision the size of 10-12 cm reduce a hernial sac back into the abdominal cavity and sutured mesh to strengthen the hernial ring.The risk of recurrence of the problem is reduced as much as possible, and is about 1%, while the patient is almost does not feel pain after surgery.

Obstructive hernioplasty

As in the previous case, reduce a hernial sac through the skin incision (less than 4 cm), and obstructive special mesh prevents re-herniation.The risk of recurrence - 0.1%.It is worth noting that even a few hours after the successful completion of surgery, the patient can leave the hospital.In the early stages of development of inguinal hernia, as well as after surgery almost all doctors strongly recommend their patients to wear braces.This arrangement prevents the infringement of a hernia and an increase in its size.

The following video clearly demonstrated an operation to remove an inguinal hernia:

During childbearing, this measure helps prevent the development of disease.However it is necessary only to remove the bandage, as the disease begins to progress rapidly.Constant wearing of it is one of the preventive measures.Also helps prevent the formation of a hernia proper diet, strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall, and not smoking, which causes a chronic cough - one of the main causes of inguinal hernia.