What and how to treat roundworm

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Failure to comply with the simplest rules of hygiene often leads to the emergence of worms in the body.Ascariasis - one of the most common diseases of this type, the carriers which are 10% of the inhabitants of our planet.

Do not try to solve the problem, what and how to treat roundworm, using traditional medicine.

Although drugs of natural origin are safer, they often turn out to be ineffective.

infection Way

Ascariasis - perhaps the most common parasitic disease.The causative agent of this unpleasant disease are roundworms Ascaris.Their favorite habitat is the small intestine, and sometimes the lungs.Daily roundworm lay in humans for several thousand eggs.However, their maturation requires the soil, so the unhatched eggs out with feces.

Way ascariasis infection - oral.Pathogenic microflora enters the human body through unwashed greens, vegetables and fruits.In children, infecti

on occurs through the earth: children often eat the soil or in the land of pop soiled hands and toys in his mouth.Contact path ascariasis infection (from person to person) is impossible.

the presence of favorable conditions for the worms, in particular, failure to comply with the rules of hygiene, the body is exposed to infection more and more new generations of Ascaris, which only increases the duration of the disease.In the majority of cases, ascariasis observed in young children.The absence of conscious behavior and reactivity of the immune system increases the risk of chronic forms of this parasitic disease.Often ascariasis, develops in childhood, takes over the dangerous.

Symptoms ascaridosis

There are two types of the disease - lung and intestinal ascariasis.Each specific case is characterized by specific symptoms that are sometimes confused with other diseases.It should therefore not be on their own to understand the issue of how to treat roundworm.It is more expedient when the first unpleasant symptoms will consult a doctor.

Ascariasis light

When a massive infection of the lungs in patients with ascariasis observed following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Cough;
  • Severe pain in the chest;
  • bloody sputum.

Basically disease manifests itself in the summer-autumn period.In children ascariasis lung often hidden under the guise of chronic cough, asthma or allergies.

Ascariasis gastrointestinal

With the defeat of the gastrointestinal tract are observed dyspepsia.For this reason, even experienced professionals sometimes confuse the symptoms of the digestive tract ascariasis with other intestinal disorders.Most often pathogenic worms concentrate in the small intestine.Here are the most common symptoms of intestinal ascariasis:

  • pain and heaviness in the stomach;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Fast weight loss;
  • frequent diarrhea or constipation;
  • fatigue, decreased performance;
  • sharp cramping abdominal pain;
  • Cutting pain in the upper abdomen.

However, despite the large number of bright signs for many disease goes unnoticed.In adults, for example, ascariasis is often asymptomatic.In addition to the specific parasitic disease symptoms may be accompanied by general signs of intoxication.For example:

  • Increased body temperature;
  • Eruptions on the skin of an allergic nature;
  • Insomnia;
  • lethargy and fatigue.


Suspected appearance of parasites in the body - a weighty reason to see a doctor.And even if the suspicions are confirmed, you will only once again, make sure that your body is healthy and there is no alarm for concern.Than to treat roundworm best?Doctors prefer medical treatment path.Now there are many effective drugs for combating intestinal parasites - albendazole, mebendazole, pyrantel and medamin.But at the same time they are very toxic and can cause a serious blow to the liver.The above drugs provoke paralysis of adult parasites, as well as having a devastating effect on their eggs and larvae, taking them out of the body along with the feces.How to treat roundworm yet?Along with taking medication, patients should observe hygiene: hand washing fruits and vegetables before eating.