How and what to treat intestinal flu

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A few decades ago, the medicine did not know about this disease as intestinal flu.The causative agent of infection appears rotavirus.

How and what treat intestinal flu in adults and children?

for this infectious disease characterized by gastrointestinal disorders.

infection Way

Due to the fact that the flu is accompanied by intestinal dyspepsia, laymen often confused with other gastrointestinal diseases.It is for this reason that the question of how to treat intestinal flu, should be entrusted to an experienced doctor.As mentioned earlier, the agent acts as an intestinal infection rotavirus, which can easily be extended household, airborne droplets and by contact from an infected person healthy.

However, doctors stress that most susceptible to intestinal flu young children aged 4-5 years.Cases of infection among adults are rare because the stomach of a mature man has high acidity, it becomes a serious barrier to

pathogenic viruses.Meanwhile, if an adult is still infected with intestinal flu, the disease is very difficult and often with complications.For Russia, intestinal flu is a common disease, especially in autumn and winter.


The incubation period of the disease can vary from 15 hours to 5 days.Upon infection, rotavirus infection in half an hour pathogenic microflora can be found on the walls of the small intestine.Active replication of the virus disturbs the production of digestive enzymes.In this regard, a patient following an intestinal flu-like symptoms may occur:

  • Increased body temperature, fever;
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.Throughout the selection of the disease may change color, appear in the stool blood veins;
  • Abdominal pain.Spasms in the abdomen of varying intensity;
  • Loss of appetite and weakness.For 7-10 days of illness the body greatly depleted, may experience symptoms of anemia and reduction of pressure.

often intestinal flu outbreak occurs just before the usual flu and therefore may be accompanied by such signs of rotavirus, a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat.The disease can seriously threaten the lives of young children, so the strong and frequent vomiting should consult with the problem than to treat intestinal flu, your doctor.

First Aid

Children rotavirus infection carries a great danger, so parents with the appearance of the baby intestinal flu need to be especially vigilant.Was correct first aid to a sick child, you will greatly facilitate his condition:

  • Keep baby warm fortified drink (fruit compote and fruit or dried fruit, drinking water and weak tea);
  • , do not leave the baby choked to his own vomit him alone;
  • should give the child antipyretic If a strong increase in temperature;
  • If your baby refuses to eat, feed him natural products, steamed (liquid porridge, soups on water and vegetable soup).

should also be sure to consult your doctor to decide the question of how to treat an intestinal flu.In some cases, symptoms of a gastrointestinal flu hiding a dangerous infectious process, threatening serious complications and sometimes death.


intestinal flu, doctors usually advise patients to comply with treatment and fully polupostelny limit contact with healthy people.

In the following video are considered folk cures intestinal flu:

treatment of preschool children suffering from severe forms of intestinal flu is usually performed in a hospital.How to treat intestinal flu, doctors recommend today?Medical therapy against infections is reduced to the following activities:

  • Reception isotonic solutions and products, replenish fluids and nutrients in the body;
  • use of sorbents and medicine, eliminate swelling in the abdomen and restoring the natural intestinal microflora;
  • Compliance therapeutic diets;
  • The use of antiemetic drugs in copious vomiting.


Without the use of drugs in question, how to treat intestinal flu, alas, can not do.A well-chosen drugs help the patient recover faster.Most often, doctors prescribe rotavirus:

  • enzymes that improve the digestion process (pancreatin, mezim, Festal);
  • Enterosorbents leading out from the body of toxic substances and disease-causing viruses (activated charcoal, smectite, etc.);
  • probiotics that suppress the activity of pathogenic microflora and improve the enzymatic activity.

In some cases, can be treated with antibiotics.However, in respect of viruses, they are not active and also may increase during intestinal infections.