What and how to treat Giardia ( giardiasis ) in children

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One of the frequently detected among children is infections giardiasis.Many parents have repeatedly encountered this term, but not everyone knows its exact value.

On the question of how and what to treat giardia (lyayamblioz) in children, only a qualified doctor can answer.

To it is necessary to address first of all the appearance of symptoms.


According to statistics, approximately 10-15% of children have giardiasis.The disease occurs in virtually all countries of the world, in almost every climatic zone.Giardiasis in children can manifest in early childhood and in adolescence.The root cause of the disease is Giardia - intracellular parasites that enter the body household way, through properly crude water or through the mother's milk.Potential vectors of infection is not only man, but also domestic animals (cats, dogs and guinea pigs).

life cycle of protozoa proceeds in two stages - vegetative and cystic.Wh

en Giardia vegetative form of mobile, pear-shaped, and multiply by dividing.Increasing the number of parasites in the body occurs every 10-12 hours.When cystic form of the parasite remains fixed and becomes an oval shape, but the ability to divide is significantly reduced.In this form, Giardia can live in the environment for a long time.

symptoms and course of illness

clinical picture of the disease in children and adults is very different.Before understanding how to treat giardiasis in children, it is necessary to understand its main symptoms.His ability to live parasites unfold in the upper small intestine.Attached to the epithelium, giardia children interfere with the digestive process, causing major changes in the cells.The habitats of the parasite develops swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

As a result, in the child's body dramatically reduced the protective function, violated the metabolic processes of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.In very young children the infection manifests itself in the form of increased nervousness and anxiety, skin rashes.Preschoolers are more serious symptoms: loss of appetite, selective or complete rejection of food, weakness and lethargy, unexplained abdominal pain, nausea, unstable chair.In adolescence, giardiasis is manifested in the form of autonomic dysfunction.

In this case, the child starts to rock in the transport, it is often disturbed dizziness, and blood pressure is increased, then decreased.In more severe cases may be severe cramping abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, which disappears as quickly as it had appeared.After 1-3 months of the disease spills over into the chronic form.In this case, you may experience dry and peeling skin, dragging pain in the abdomen, as well as exacerbation of allergic diseases.Despite the fact that the acute form of the disease occurs in almost 50% of cases, to treat giardia children can and should be.


Suspected giardiasis in children as possible after detection of characteristic symptoms.Not realizing just how to treat giardiasis in children, there is a high risk of unpleasant consequences.By themselves, giardia is quite difficult to treat, and in the form of running, this task becomes practically feasible.But do not despair: modern doctors have long worked out a clear framework than to treat giardia among children and adults.If you have an infection in children and adolescents is usually assigned receiving anti-parasitic drugs, such as the metranidazol and Makmiror.

The following video provides greater detail on the reasons, the myths associated with giardiasis, as well as preparations for the treatment of children lyably:

time of administration and dosage of medications establishes physician.Due to exposure to toxic products released during decomposition of Giardia, the child's condition may deteriorate.But do not panic in this case.Facilitate health help laxative, cholagogue and antihistamines, which may appoint a doctor of the child if necessary.After completing the course receive antiparasitic drug specialist prescribes reception sorbents that allow finally bring the disease from the body and to restore the intestinal microflora.

in question than to treat giardiasis in children, doctors are reduced to a common opinion: better disease is treatable using a combination therapy.Approximately 10 day baby well-being significantly improved, the number of lesions decreased.This is the first improvement - not a reason to stop treatment.After complete disappearance of the symptoms of giardiasis need to be retested for the presence of residual infection in the body.