How and what to treat adnexitis

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  • reasons
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  • Acute adnexitis
  • Chronic adnexitis
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  • How to treat chronic adnexitis

Young women aged 20-30 are often faced with thedisease as adnexitis.The ovaries and fallopian tubes the infection can get in different ways.

How and what treat adnexitis in each case?

disease is a bacterial nature, and therefore without the use of drugs is not enough.


Adnexitis - the appendages inflammation caused by pathogens.The inflammatory process may occur as a single, so bilaterally.The main cause of adnexitis - is getting an infection in the uterine appendages.Infection can be carried out in several ways:

  • Ascending.The infection penetrates to the external genital organs, from beginning to spread in the vagina and uterus, and then into the ovaries;
  • Down.Infection occurs foci of inflammation of adjacent organs (intestines, appendix, etc.).

However, in most cases, gynecologists diagnose adnexitis upward path of infection.However, even if t

he pathogenic microflora was able to penetrate into the uterus, to activate it favorable conditions are necessary.Chill, improper installation IUD, abortion and unprotected intercourse reduced local immunity and promote the rapid development of the inflammatory process in the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

clinical picture

Adnexitis can occur in acute or chronic form.Depending on the shape of current clinical picture of the disease is different.Intensity adnexitis symptoms depends not only on the shape but also the type of pathogen, as well as the patient's immune system.

Acute adnexitis

In this case, the disease manifests itself clearly, but its symptoms can not be considered specific.Start of the inflammatory process is very similar to the common cold: patients complain of chills and fatigue, fever, headaches and nausea.Later joined by signs adneksita:

  • Drawing pain in the lower abdomen of permanent or recurrent nature;
  • nervousness and irritability;
  • Sleep Disorders;
  • mucous or purulent discharge from the vagina;
  • Itching and irritation of the external genitals.

Chronic adnexitis

If time does not see a doctor to the question how to treat adnexitis, the inflammatory process will become chronic.For this form of the disease characterized by periodic change of acute phase the decrease inflammation.In the acute phase adnexitis patients observed low-grade fever, weakness, and overall deterioration of health.Also on the background of chronic course of the disease reduces the sex drive of women, may interfere with the function of the digestive and urinary tract (cystitis, pyelonephritis, colitis, etc.).

methods of treatment

only question that interested in women, addressed to the gynecologist with a problem: what to treat adnexitis?Universal methods of combating inflammation of the uterus does not exist.The treatment is chosen individually on the basis of the causes and forms of the disease, the general condition of the patient and the type of pathogenic microflora.Typically, use the following ways to treat adnexitis:

  • antibiotics in pill format and injections;
  • Vitamins and adjuvants to enhance immunity;
  • vaginal mucosa Processing antiseptic solutions;
  • Physiotherapy (vibratory massage, electrophoresis and ultrasound).

Acute adnexitis woman show complete rest and bed rest.You should also ensure easy, but a balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids (juice of cranberries and cranberry, mineral water and tea).When severe pain is acceptable taking pain medication prescribed by your doctor beforehand.

How to treat chronic adnexitis

chronic inflammatory process may face multiple complications for women up to purulent adnexitis and infertility.How to treat adnexitis in this case?apply the same techniques as the treatment of acute adnexitis During exacerbation of the inflammatory process.The rest of the patients should follow a special diet.Catering primarily to be balanced and regular.Through properly composed diet, the immune system becomes more robust, and, therefore, the body is able to more effectively fight infection.

In the following video presents the traditional methods of treatment adnexitis:

ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet should not exceed the ratio of 100: 70: 300 (in grams).Additionally, you must exclude the power of allergenic foods - egg white, chocolate, citrus fruits, pastries and mushrooms.Limit your salt intake.In addition to diet to treat chronic adnexitis form gynecologists recommend using physical therapy, mud therapy and pelvic massage.