Than to treat fractures in the nose

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Dry nasal mucosa causing significant discomfort in humans.This phenomenon may be accompanied by burning, cracking and pain.

tighten with the decision of a question than to treat fractures of the nose, it is not necessary.

This problem may be a potential cause of inflammatory and infectious processes.


Cracks in the nose are usually formed in its vestibule.This phenomenon is caused by a skin maceration and is characterized by a violation of the integrity of the layers of the skin to form a deep painful cracks.The reason for these processes to be found in the mechanisms of respiratory disorders.Aggravating factors can also act:

  • Side effects of taking the drugs (vasodilators drops, vitamins, antihypertensive medications);
  • Infectious diseases of the nose;
  • injuries of the nasal mucosa;
  • Frequent washing of the nose and blowing your nose;
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions;
  • Inhalation of dry and dusty air;
  • Chronic rhinitis;
  • Reduction of mucus in the nose.

question than to treat fractures of the nose, sometimes complicated by the fact that because of the constant mucous secretions associated with prolonged cold, mucosal injury may not heal for a long time.Therefore, it is important, first of all, get rid of the common cold, and only then proceed to the treatment of cracks in the nose.


Such a problem makes a noticeable discomfort in a person's life.The formation of cracks in the nose stale.The main symptoms of the process are reduced to the appearance of pain on blowing and touching nose.In some cases bleeding may occur, and then significantly increased risk of adherence of bacterial infections.Also, doctors note the appearance of various kinds of complications, along with cracks in the nose of the patient can be observed abrasions and ostiofollikulit that signals a strong weakening of the immune system.


Medical therapy against cracks in the bow is based, primarily, on the removal of secretions from the nose (rhinitis), and prevention of mechanical damage its mucous.Than to treat fractures in the nose doctors advised?Currently treatment for lesions of this kind are used antiseptic creams and ointments, and topical preparations also promoting skin regeneration.If, however, the formation of cracks in the nasal cavity caused by excessive dryness of the mucosa, the following measures should be taken:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids.It is important to provide the necessary fluid flow in the body.Moreover, saturation of tissues with moisture from within, much more effective external moisture;
  • discontinuation.If the dryness of the nose caused by the influence of drugs, you should stop taking them or reduce the dosage of the drug in consultation with a doctor;
  • Vitamin E. Acceptance of this drug will speed up the healing of fractures by improving skin regeneration processes;
  • inhalation.Steam baths for the nose with chamomile or calendula not only get rid of dryness and cold, but also to remove the inflammation and pain caused by the appearance of cracks;
  • Application saline solutions.3-4 times a day, wash nose salt solution, which can be done independently or purchased in a drugstore (Air, akvamaris, etc.);
  • Humidity.The humidity level in the room has to be the best, so if the air is too dry, use special moisturizers.

For topical treatment of fractures in his nose, and dryness of mucous can use special moisturizers.Well established tools such as sea buckthorn oil and tea tree, petrolatum and Vitaon.Moisten them a small piece of cotton wool, twist it into a flagellum and paste it into the patient nostril for 5-7 minutes.However, be careful and make sure not to breathe a drop of cream, as this can cause a form of pneumonia.

doctors also emphasized that to get rid of cracks in the nose alone, it is impossible.If the mucosa of the nasal cavity lesions do not heal for a long time, even after the start of home treatment, consult your ENT doctor.In health care procedure performed finely-dispersive nasal irrigation mineral particles.This allows you to restore the functionality of the mucosa, which will contribute to the healing of painful cracks in the short term.