What and how to treat eczema at home

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process of struggle with skin diseaseeczema - a laborious and lengthy.Home treatment in this case has a lot of advantages.

What and how to treat eczema in the home and whether you want to consult a doctor?

dangerous to self-medicate, as this can lead to serious complications.

Causes and types

visit to the dermatologist, regardless of how you are going to treat eczema, is a must.First of all, only an expert will be able to confirm or refute the diagnosis.Also doctor using special diagnostics can determine the cause of the skin disease and the type of its course.From this will largely depend on what and how to treat eczema at home.According to doctors, the disease may contribute to a variety of factors.Due to their diversity of eczema is divided into several types:


exact causes have not yet been established, but doctors are inclined

to believe that provoke idiopathic eczema may well be both external and internal stimuli (stress, trauma, depression).And other hereditary diseases, and genetic predisposition in this case, are no exception.


mechanism of action is based on atopic eczema allergic reaction, which may be the reason for the appearance of the rash and other symptoms of the skin disease.Allergens in this case are foods, pollen of flowering plants and animal dander.In the group of risk of atopic eczema, primarily composed people with hereditary diseases.


determining factor in the appearance of eczema here - permanent and long-term skin contact with chemicals, detergents and dyes.As a rule, the primary lesions are hands where eczema may begin to spread to other parts of the body.


When microbial eczema affected skin area, which took place a long time, the inflammatory process.In most cases the place of localization of pathogenic microflora acts scalp (seborrheic dermatitis).


From the name is not difficult to guess that this type of eczema focuses on the lower extremities.The cause - a lack of blood flow to certain areas of the skin on the feet.


question how to treat eczema in the home continues to be relevant.To be treated at home is convenient for different reasons.First of all, the patient is in a familiar environment, and to use the drugs it is not necessary each time to visit a specialist.But here arises another equally urgent question: than to cure eczema at home?First of all, the treatment must be comprehensive and medication.Unfortunately, no medications to get rid of skin problems will not work.However, this does not prevent you to use additional methods.

External treatment

treatment process will be more productive if the patient will take into account the following measures:

  • Take a warm shower or a bath daily.For washing, use sparing detergents and soap, sea salt without additives.After showering, gently pat the body with a towel and apply moisturizing lotion;
  • Avoid tight clothes of coarse cloth.The material can chafe the skin, irritating the already inflamed areas of the body;
  • Do not scrub problem areas.Put a bandage on the damaged areas of the skin, avoiding the unconscious scratching;
  • Avoid excessive exercise and sports.This causes increased sweating, which greatly enhances the spread of rashes and irritation of the skin is already damaged;
  • Eliminate contact with the allergen.In atopic eczema, try to remove the allergic reaction with treatments and use hypoallergenic detergents.

In the arsenal of traditional medicine, there are several recipes than to cure eczema at home is very effective.For example, packs of raw potatoes: vegetable grate on a coarse grater, put on the damaged skin and secure with a sterile bandage.To perform such a procedure should be at least 4 times a day.

In the following video - methods of traditional medicine for the treatment of various forms of eczema:

Another similar recipe, but with the use of black radish: root grate on a grater, knead into mush, and apply to the affected area for half an hour.Equally useful to wipe the affected areas of skin eczema fresh black radish juice diluted with water in the ratio 2: 1 respectively.

Internal treatment

Topical treatment is only partially solve the question of how to treat eczema at home.To attack the problem from all sides, and also require internal treatment.First of all, patients with eczema should take vitamins that contribute to the healing process.How to treat eczema at home?

  • Vitamin A. Retinol is found in fish oil and is accessible to all means.It protects the skin from external influences, restoring the already affected areas;
  • Vitamin E. The fat-soluble substance reduces inflammation and prevents its spread to healthy layers of the epidermis;
  • Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid has the ability to stimulate the hormones of the adrenal cortex, which, in turn, have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect for eczema.

Not superfluous and would be receiving infusions of herbs.Naturopaths recommend taking eczema infusions elecampane root or dandelion leaves and cranberries series.