How and what treat eczema on the hands

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Skin diseases occur most often as a result of poor hygiene.Eczema - one of the most common forms of skin lesions.

How and what treat eczema on the hands - on this issue should consult an experienced dermatologist.

Self-treatment is rarely successful.

Causes Eczema is called chronic inflammatory disease of the skin type.It is not transmitted from an infected person to a healthy and is characterized by the change of periods of exacerbation and remission.The basis of all skin diseases including eczema, are disorders of the immune system.As a result of this imbalance there is an allergic inflammation of the delayed type.Given that the disease is partly allergic in nature, cause of eczema on the hands can be exogenous allergens, such as:

  • Wearing wrist watches and bracelets;
  • Household chemicals and hygiene products (soap, cream, detergent, etc.), which include herbal and chemical dyes, preservatives and
  • Medication.In particular, the eczema can occur due to uncontrolled use of analgesics and also as a result of vaccination;
  • Food allergens (chocolate, honey, strawberries, citrus fruits, spicy, smoked and sweet food);
  • Biological substances (pollen, animal hair, poplar fluff, dust and mold).

Associated gastrointestinal disease or endocrine system may also provoke symptoms of eczema on the hands by weakening the body's defenses.Doctors also do not rule out the hereditary factor in the development of mechanisms of this disease.Do not try to understand what and how to treat eczema on your hands, until you determine the cause of the skin disease.


discomfort appears in the early stages of the disease: the skin on the hands is red, there is a strong itch.Subsequently, on-site redness and swelling occur vesicles - education, cavities are filled with a clear liquid.In the next stage of development of eczema itch increases, there is burning and cracked.If you do not see a doctor with the problem than to treat eczema on their hands at this stage of the disease, then later turn into cracks begin oozing wounds that will greatly enhance the probability of damaged skin infection.Doctors are three types of eczema on his hands:

  1. true.It is characterized by the acute onset of the disease.The affected skin reddens and itches.With chronic swelling process is enhanced, and the place of minor damages cracks occur;
  2. Microbial.It arises as a result of an infection contact with inflamed skin around the ulcers.In the hands appear pink and bluish areas covered with scales.Gradually hone destruction increases;
  3. Professional.Symptoms similar to the clinical picture of the true eczema.The appearance of this form is caused by contact with the hand industrial allergens.If contact with the substance does not stop, the disease becomes chronic.


How to treat eczema on the hands?In the treatment of skin disease, doctors prefer to use combined therapy.First of all, the patient should avoid contact with substances that cause irritation.It is also necessary to comply with sparing diet during treatment.

In the following video offered recipes of folk remedies for treating eczema:

No special requirement physicians usually do not give: it is enough only to exclude from your diet chocolate, citrus fruits, alcohol, smoked meat, hot spices and pickles.When asked what treat eczema on the hands, dermatologists offer two ways:

Ointments from eczema

One of the main tools in the topical treatment of skin diseases are ointments.Usually, doctors prescribe to patients with eczema ointment on the hands, which include corticosteroids - hormonal substances with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.Regular use of them can significantly reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, accelerate the process of renewal of damaged areas of the epidermis.The most effective ointments are the following:

  • hydrocortisone ointment.Used in the treatment of non-microbial eczema;
  • prednisolone.It has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Triderm.It includes gentamicin, clotrimazole and betamethasone that provide skin antibacterial, antimycotic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Boric ointment.Antiseptic agent based on boric acid.

pick up, than to treat eczema on the hands, will help qualified.Independent choice ointment may not only be ineffective, but also greatly complicate the course of the disease.

Systemic treatment

Such therapy is needed in severe eczema, or if there is no effect of topical treatment.Typically, in such cases, doctors prescribe to patients receiving immunosuppressive - drugs that suppress the immune system.Dosage and duration of their reception only determined by the attending physician.