How to treat boils on the ass

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Any disease, and in particular, the appearance of boils, gives a lot of trouble and inconvenience.Formed in the most unexpected places, they are accompanied by constant soreness.

How to treat boils on the ass, avoiding all the possible complications?

appearance of such entities in the buttocks are not uncommon due to the fact that this part of the body is often warm and sweats constantly.

Causes Boils on the priest may appear one by one or in groups.Most often, this problem occurs on the bend where the hip turns in the buttock.This is due to the constant friction of the skin tissues, as well as sweating in this area, especially in summer.However, wherever there was a boil, he has a few obvious reasons for its appearance, namely:

  • hormonal changes;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • overcooling or overheating;
  • Failure to observe personal hygiene rules;
  • Intoxication;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Prolonged physical exhaustion.

Education boils on the pri

est, as in any other part of the body, promote the pyogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus.At the slightest failure of the immune system, the appearance of small scratches and other skin lesions in conjunction with non-compliance with hygiene regulations, the pathogenic microflora is rapidly enters the body.Sensitive skin, prone to irritations, most often exposed to the formation of boils.

risk groups

There are several categories of people who are often forced to deal with the question of how to treat boils on the ass and other parts of the body.The fact that the attenuated organism is not capable alone to fight infection infiltrated, falling inside which causes various pyoderma, including furuncles.High-risk groups include:

  • People with diabetes;
  • Patients taking drugs, particularly antibiotics, which greatly weakens the immune system;
  • Patients with HIV;
  • People suffering from skin diseases (eczema, acne and psoriasis).


Unlike other purulent formations, boils appear only on those parts of the body where hair growth is present.And although it is hard to discern the buttocks, the probability of formation of boils on the ass still exists.Do not see them very difficult: they are very painful and also cause intense itching in the early stages of formation.The appearance of red spots on the buttocks - a clear signal that this place will soon appear boil.Along with the growth of pathogenic bacteria hair follicle begins to fester, itching and hardening, feeling pain when sitting.Further development takes place in several stages:

  • Education purulent rod in the form of painful tubercle;
  • Growth rod seal and redness of the skin around it;
  • appearance of white dots on the tip of the boil;
  • Disclosure boils, pus out (lasts a few days);
  • Education wounds on the place of the boil;
  • healing wounds within 7-10 days.

Under favorable conditions for pathogenic microflora bacteria can penetrate the skin again after a boil.Therefore it is very important at this stage to enlist professional support in deciding how to treat boils on the ass.


In no event it is impossible to squeeze out, pierce or puncture the boil sharps.Even if they have been previously disinfected, the risk of infection is large enough.Reveals a boil and extract the pus from it can only be a qualified technician, to which should address the question of how to treat boils on the ass.To speed up the healing process, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Warm up the formation of dry heat.This is to reduce pain and speed up the process of maturing boil;
  • daily treat inflamed area on the buttocks with antiseptic solutions - salicylic alcohol, boric acid or hydrogen peroxide;
  • Every day, take a warm shower.Be sure to wash with soap and water, while not using rough sponges, which can damage the unripe boil;
  • pine baths, compresses with Aloe leaf or crushed garlic accelerate pus, will have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action;
  • When the boil is ripe, apply to it compresses with erythromycin ointment or ichthyol the night, tightly securing an elastic bandage.

To avoid the friction of clothing boil, cover the patch.Antibiotics in most cases not needed.The only exceptions are those situations where education boils patient is accompanied by a fever, and the addition of secondary infections.The rest of the doctors usually prescribe vitamin and mineral complexes to enhance immunity.