What color and how to treat shingles

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Numerous external and internal factors may cause undesired operation of the organism.Often in such cases, the person is forced to face various forms of lichen.

What and how to treat colored lichen - the most common problem today.

disease has characteristic symptoms, and thus detect the problem in time difficult.


In recent years the number of diseases that affect the skin, increased significantly.In particular, it concerns the dermatosis transmitted by contact.One of these is colored shingles, treatment of which requires an individual approach.There is no consensus among doctors about the causes of this disease is not present.However, there are a lot of hypotheses and assumptions about what can trigger the development of color stripping.It is known that the symptoms of dermatosis in this case are the result of vital functions for fungi and Malassezia furfur Pityrpsporum orbiculare, which are mostly localized in the h

air follicles and the stratum corneum.The reason for their rapid spread and reproduction can be:

  • Violation of the physiological processes of the horny cover;
  • human predisposition to skin diseases;
  • Sweating and specific composition of sweat.

are many cases the appearance of colored depriving among people with tuberculosis.At risk in the first place, get young people: in children the disease is extremely rare, unless the child is suffering from diabetes, vegetative neurosis, or excessive sweating syndrome.


To effectively treat colored lichen, watch the symptoms of the disease closely enough.Dermatoses this form is easily identified by characteristic features:

  • Asymmetric spots on the skin of yellow, pink and brown;
  • When tan spots lighter, and in the cold season, becoming dark brown hue;
  • peeling of affected areas.

The most common sites of localization colored lichen - is back, chest, neck and stomach, at least - the face and scalp.Despite the fact that modern medicine has developed a lot of drugs, than to treat colored shingles can be quite effective, skin disease can last for several years, periodically giving relapses.


Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the color is a contact zoster disease.Pathogenic fungi can be transmitted from patient to human health through touch, clothing, and personal hygiene.Therefore, confirmation of the diagnosis of the patient should avoid contact to avoid contamination.Talking about how to treat ringworm color, it should be noted the adequacy and effectiveness of modern treatments.However, in some cases, patients may experience relapses dermatosis.

To avoid this, it is important not only to the end to undergo treatment, but also to comply with preventive measures and sanitization of premises.The duration of treatment depends on the course of disease symptoms and specific characteristics of the patient.In each case, the doctor makes an individual program on how to treat colored shingles.However, regardless of the mandatory items of medical care act:

  • Reception antifungal drugs.Typically, doctors prescribe medicines for oral use and for external use;
  • Antibiotics.Antibacterials broad-spectrum shows only at relapse of dermatosis;
  • Rubbing the affected areas.Symptomatic treatment of colored lichen using acid solutions and salicylic alcohol eliminates the symptoms of infection.

To date, the choice of drugs than to cure ringworm color, quite wide: miconazole, terbinafine, clotrimazole, and other antifungal agents should be used only on prescription.

traditional medicine

should try and folk methods of eliminating color depriving To strengthen and consolidate the main effect of treatment.

  • Burdock oil.3 times a day to lubricate the affected area with warm oil thistles;
  • Bow.Grind in a meat grinder a few bulbs, from the resulting pulp squeeze the juice.Lubricate sore spots onion juice several times a day.

In the following videos demonstrate ways of treating colored depriving folk remedies:

As a precaution colored depriving enough to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene.Prevent illness help drugs Nizoral, sebozol and Keto Plus.Their application will avoid the appearance of colored spots and skin peeling.