What and how to treat ringworm in humans

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  • Golden mustache
  • Ointment with aloe
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Such dermatological and infectious diseases such as shingles, is widespread among adults,and children.The disease usually affects the skin, but in some cases can also affect the mucous membranes.

What and how to treat ringworm in humans in the home?

The disease does not pose a great danger to health and does not require special treatment.


However, the characteristic features in the form of depriving itching, peeling skin rash and heavy make people feel uncomfortable.Infection of the skin infection usually occurs through everyday shaking hands, personal hygiene products, bed linen and hats infected person.Even such seemingly insignificant element as a failure to comply with hygiene rules can trigger the development of zoster.Not excluded cases of transmission of the disease from an infected animal (often homeless) to humans.

How to Treat Ringworm in humans - the answer to this question la

rgely depends on the shape of the flow of skin infection.There are the following species:

  • herpes.Caused by the herpes virus, it is formed on the lips, nose and genitals.In the absence of timely treatment applies to healthy skin;
  • Pink zoster.The causes are not fully understood.A characteristic feature - scaly pink patches on the skin;
  • Lichen planus.It manifested in the form of red-purple bumps on the skin.It affects not only the upper layer of the epidermis and mucous membranes, hair and nails;
  • Shingles.Typical symptoms - herpes rash intercostal region and genital itching;
  • Ringworm.It is a fungal infection of the scalp, widely distributed among children;
  • Pityriasis versicolor.Rarely, it can be triggered by increased sweating, diabetes and tuberculosis.


Upon detection of the first signs of lichen, regardless of its type, should consult a qualified dermatologist.Only a specialist can tell you what to treat ringworm in humans is safe and effective.Each form involves depriving a particular treatment regimen.Typically, this dermatological and infectious disease prescribed anti-inflammatory ointments and solutions, antihistamines to relieve itching of the skin, as well as immunomodulatory agents.Widespread practice of physiotherapy.There is a possibility of using folk remedies.However, how to treat ringworm in humans this way, it is necessary to talk with a specialist.

Folk remedies

It is worth recalling that even traditional medicine can have side effects, so they should be used with extreme caution, as if following the dosage and pattern of use.

Golden mustache

in question than to treat ringworm in humans, is a medicinal plant has no equal.The most efficient use of fresh juice of the golden whiskers.Wash and dry the leaf of a plant, finely grind into mush, and then place it in a clean cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.The resulting liquid is used for lotions: Dip cotton pads in their juice and apply on the affected skin for 30-40 minutes.Follow the procedure 2 times a day.

Ointment with aloe

It is not necessary to buy expensive medicines ointments in the drugstores, if you can prepare at least an effective means of self.To do this you will need:

  • 200 ml of vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, peach, etc.);
  • 2 fresh leaf of aloe;
  • 50 grams of soap;
  • 50 grams of rosin;
  • 50 grams of beeswax.

All solid ingredients cut into small pieces, a cross between a small saucepan, pour the oil and cook until dissolved.Remove the mixture from the heat, strain and use to lubricate the skin problem areas 2-3 times a day.

Fir oil

well established in the treatment of lichen essential oil fir.The tool has a high concentration, so it is not recommended to use undiluted.Traditional medicine offers the following method, how to treat ringworm in humans fir oil:

  • Mix fir essential oil and vodka in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • Moisten a cotton ball in the mixture and apply to the sore area of ​​skin;
  • firmly keep the lotion on the skin for 5 minutes;
  • Then remove the cotton pad and lubricate the problem area with olive oil;
  • Repeat 4-5 times a day.

therapeutic effect becomes visible on the second day of use, and the complete elimination of cutaneous manifestations of lichen is achieved after 4-5 days.