As well as than to treat burns with blisters

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After skin burns, in particular, thermal, blisters appear on the skin.Many of us try to remove them, thereby making it even worse.

This phenomenon is characteristic not heal for a long time, so the question of how and what to treat a burn with blisters, is particularly relevant.

There are several effective means to accelerate the healing process and restore the skin after burns.

How does

blistering - a characteristic feature of the 2nd degree burns.In this case, not only affected the top layer of the epidermis and the deeper skin tissue.One of first aid measures can not do: require thorough treatment.If blisters occur horny epithelium until the sprout layer.Post-burn blisters usually appear a few hours after the injury.Depending on the severity of them can be single or multiple.

characteristic features of the early formation of blisters is a pain and a burning sensation at the site of the burn, redness and

swelling.Appeared blisters filled with clear fluid (plasma), which eventually acquires a yellowish tint.Reveals a bubble in any case can not be: this may cause the penetration of infection in the wound.To remove the pus from the blister, dead tissue or adhering foreign particles (hair, clothes pieces) may need surgical intervention, which must be carried out only by an experienced doctor.

Principles of treatment

How to treat a blister burn?In this case the medical treatment is carried out in several directions:

  • Prevention of infection;
  • Improved process of cell renewal;
  • blister protection from damage and drying.

Cases when in blister formed pus, which greatly complicates the process of skin regeneration.In this case, to solve the problem than to treat a blister burn, should a qualified doctor.Otherwise, the wrong treatment will lead to scarring of the tissue.


And even banal observance of safety precautions will greatly accelerate the process of healing of the skin after burns.First of all:

  • Avoid touching your hands blister.Thus, the bubble quickly wither and fall off itself;
  • Use Burns funds.Neosporin or argosudfan - vivid examples of effective drugs for the treatment of blisters, which contribute to the destruction of bacteria and reduce inflammation;
  • Do not use fat-containing oil and equipment, except for the olive oil and sea buckthorn;
  • few times a day to bandage the burn dry gauze to avoid contamination and damage to the affected skin;
  • At night, remove the bandage or gauze, giving the skin "breathe."

traditional medicine

Fairly widespread treatment of burns folk remedies.In particular, in addressing the issue than to treat burns with blisters, you can suggest a few effective methods of home treatment:

  • Aloe.Wash and dry the leaf, cut it in half and attach to the pulp blister tightly fixing plaster for 30-40 minutes;
  • Seabuckthorn.Lubricate the affected area of ​​the skin of sea buckthorn oil, covering a blister on top of a dry sterile dressing;
  • Carrots.Clean and rub on a small grater fresh carrots.Apply compresses of carrot pulp blister on for 20-30 minutes.The same can be done with raw potatoes;
  • Pumpkin.Grind fresh pumpkin pulp into pulp and apply on problem areas;
  • Calendula.Mix fresh decoction of calendula with Vaseline in the ratio of 1: 2.Get the cream lubricate blister 2-3 times a day;
  • Vitamin E. To prevent the formation of scars on the skin blisters from the burns grease 4-5 times a day with liquid vitamin E.

If you still have not managed to avoid damage to the blister and he still burst necessarily treat the wound with an antiseptic solution (eg, alcohol), and then lubricate it with anti-inflammatory and a drying agent.For this purpose, well suited iodine, brilliant green or tea tree oil.It is also necessary to impose on the problem area, dry bandage or gauze to avoid infection of the wound, and further inflammation.