How to treat heart failure

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One of the most frequent manifestations of virtually all heart disease is heart failure.The inability of heart muscle to pump blood volume leads to serious health problems.

How to treat heart failure with drugs?

patient with this diagnosis does not necessarily take all the medicines recommended to treat the disease.


Heart failure often accompanies diseases such as atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and congenital heart disease.Taking into account the reduction of the functionality of a ventricle of the heart secrete several forms of the disease:

  • left ventricular failure;
  • right ventricular failure;
  • biventricular failure (impaired contractility of both ventricles).

In most cases, doctors attributed the occurrence of heart failure with impaired ability to pump the required amount of blood or damage to the heart muscle itself.The main causes of this disease include high blood pressure (hypertension), coronar

y heart disease and defects.It is noteworthy that among women the cause of heart failure often serves hypertension, while among men - ischemia.Other factors that provoke the development of heart failure appear:

  • Diabetes;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Myocarditis;
  • Alcohol abuse and smoking.

If time does not see a doctor to the question how to treat heart failure, heart disease can be complicated by asthma - a very dangerous disease, which is accompanied by bouts of suffocation and can endanger the patient's life.


Depending on which parts of the heart has ceased to perform its functions, manifest certain symptoms of heart failure.For example, in violation of the left ventricle there is congestion in the lungs and the pulmonary circulation, and dysfunction of the right - the stagnation of blood in a large circle.The characteristic symptoms of heart failure are:

  • Shortness of breath.In the initial stages it occurs after physical exertion.But as the disease progresses, shortness of breath and begins to occur at rest;
  • difficulty in breathing.Nightly bouts of coughing and choking occur due to redistribution of blood from the abdominal organs and lower extremities to the lungs when lying down;
  • Decrease daily volume of urine.Urine output in this case is due to a decrease in blood supply to the kidneys.Sometimes, enhanced night diuresis, since supine blood circulation is normalized;
  • cyanosis (blue fingers and toes, lips);
  • limb edema;
  • pain in the right upper quadrant.

fatigue and decreased performance is also a symptom of severe heart failure.


The issue is how to treat heart failure, found long ago.In this case, a variety of widely used groups of drugs:

  • Beta-blockers.Lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate, thus preventing overload of the heart;
  • glycosides.Contribute to the reduction of the main symptoms of heart failure.To obtain a rapid effect in the acute form of the disease glycosides are administered intravenously;
  • Diuretics.Eliminate the effects of heart failure - in particular, swelling, bringing the excess fluid from the body in urine.

also in the treatment of heart failure used antiarrhythmic agents, statins, anticoagulants and others.However, taking all of them is not necessary.

The video below shows the recipes of folk remedies for treatment of heart failure:

How to treat heart failure should not take any drugs, and which are not determined by a physician.On the basis of symptoms, as well as the overall health and patient's lifestyle specialist will select the most effective drugs.


For patients diagnosed with heart failure, it is very important to take care of a healthy lifestyle.It has a direct effect not only on the progression of the disease, but also on the process of recovery.To quickly get rid of the dangerous symptoms of heart failure must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • weight control.Overweight - one of the factors contributing to the increase in pressure, which in turn, can not affect the work of the heart muscle;
  • Dieting.First of all, patients with this diagnosis should abandon the use of salt, pickles, which promotes water retention and increases the burden on the heart;
  • Regular exercise.In order to avoid overloads when choosing a physical activity, consult with a specialist;
  • Quitting smoking;
  • Limited use of alcohol and possible rejection of alcoholic beverages.