What and how to treat atherosclerosis

Category Cardiology | August 12, 2017 17:53


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One of the dangerous and intractable diseases is atherosclerosis.When it affects the large blood vessels of the human body.

What and how to treat atherosclerosis tells you qualified.

Unfortunately, this disease is not subject to self-treatment, which can only provoke a number of complications.


For Atherosclerosis is characterized by the formation of the walls of the vessels of atherosclerotic plaques that impede the normal flow of blood.As a result, there is a violation of the blood supply to vital organs.In the absence of timely adequate treatment of the disease can be fatal.Given the fact that atherosclerosis - age-related diseases, risk group includes people older than 45 years, with the vast majority of them - men.However, before to treat atherosclerosis, it is necessary to understand the reasons for its occurrence.Doctors allocate a number of the following factors:

  • unbalanced diet.The exces
    s fatty and fried foods in the diet leads to a sharp increase in blood cholesterol.He subsequently deposited as plaques in the vascular walls;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle.Bad habits, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity to the onset of maturity can create a lot of health problems and contribute to the emergence of atherosclerosis;
  • Low physical activity.Sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and poor circulation.Moderate physical activities are an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • Age.Unfortunately, the age-related changes of the body together with unhealthy lifestyles greatly increase the risk of disease;
  • Paul.Atherosclerosis is more common in men as in the male body contains a small amount of the female hormone estrogen, which is under the influence of cholesterol absorbed by the best.

Often doctors observed picture of the development of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.In this regard, patients with this diagnosis should be very carefully monitor their own health and in the event of early warning signs, seek medical advice.


Atherosclerotic changes may be observed in various parts of the body - the arteries of the extremities, heart and brain, as well as the aorta.Depending on the place of defeat manifest certain symptoms of atherosclerosis.The disease occurs in several stages, over which the influence of sclerotic changes in the vessels increases.In the early stages of atherosclerosis in the inner membrane of the arteries form lipid deposits.

the next step, the process continues, there are also rounded education (atheroma or atherosclerotic plaques), narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels.As a result, in the thickness of the individual or fused together plaque necrosis develops.This leads to the destruction of the plaque, accompanied by bleeding in the column.As a result of necrosis and the subsequent destruction of atheroma in the areas of ulceration formed clots and thick scars.Thus, the walls of the arteries become inelastic, thinned and weakened, lose their ability to maintain a normal blood pressure.

atherosclerosis of the lower extremities

In some cases, atherosclerosis can also affect blood vessels of the legs.This problem has a number of symptoms:

  • Pain in the calf, which intensified during cooling and walking;
  • seal and tortuosity of the lower extremities;
  • Increased pulse hardness.

If time does not see a specialist with the question of how to treat atherosclerosis in the lower extremities, there is the risk of trophic ulcers, which may be complicated by gangrene of the toes or feet, followed by amputation.


The sooner treatment is started atherosclerosis, the faster you will be able to get rid of the disease and avoid dangerous complications.Deep atherosclerotic changes are not amenable to treatment, so in such cases the aim is to prevent further progression of the process and improve the blood supply to the tissues.Than to treat atherosclerosis offer modern doctors?The main focus remains drug therapy.

traditionally appointed by the drugs that reduce the amount of lipids in the blood and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls.However, it should be noted that preparations for the treatment of atherosclerosis quickly become obsolete and are replaced by more advanced.So to the question, than to treat atherosclerosis, be sure to consult your doctor, who will select the most effective drug.