How and what to treat trigeminal nerve

Category Neurology | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Trigeminal nerve is one of the components of the cranial nerves.Its branches pass through the upper and lower jaw as well as the eye.

Severe pain often forced to see a doctor with the problem of how and what to treat trigeminal nerve.

Treatment depends on the type of disease.


Most doctors concurs that the main cause of pain - it is too much pressure on the trigeminal nerve inside and outside.Trigeminal neuralgia, meanwhile, is divided into two types - real and secondary.In the first case, the disease occurs in itself, but it often becomes a cause of poor circulation or nerve compression.Secondary neuralgia formed on a background of various pathologies tumors, infections, etc.In medical practice, is dominated by cases of unilateral lesions of the trigeminal nerve.According to doctors, compressed nerve and, as a consequence, disruption of blood circulation in this area can contribute to the following factors:

  • adhesions and tumors formed after injury;
  • offset the veins and arteries;
  • inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the mouth (gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries complications).

should separately identify triggers such as toxic poisoning of the body and severe hypothermia.


In the overall clinical picture of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is the main symptom is pain.And the pain can have various characteristics:

  • characteristic pain.It is not permanent.In this case, the patient may experience burning or paroxysmal pain and did not feel it;
  • uncharacteristic pain.Accompanying the patient throughout the inflammatory process.Pain has a medium degree of intensity and affects a large area.

cause attacks of pain can even the most mundane actions that a person performs on a daily basis: washing, shaving and even brushing your teeth.As concomitant symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia also produce myoclonic contraction in the facial muscles, excessive salivation and tearing, as well as seizures of chewing muscles.


Despite the variety of methods and means, than to treat trigeminal nerve offer modern professionals, many of them contradict each other.In the initial stages of the disease, doctors usually prescribe medication intake following groups:

  • Anticonvulsant medications to prevent seizures;
  • Vascular drugs;
  • Sedatives;
  • antispasmodics.

positive result is also achieved through physiotherapy.Another way to treat trigeminal nerve - a surgical procedure.However, this technique is still controversial, since it can not guarantee full recovery of the patient.Some physicians agree that the trigeminal nerve - is an incurable disease and the proposed methodology aimed only at alleviating the condition of the patients.

Traditional medicine

Adherents of the treatment of trigeminal nerve, there are many folk remedies.As with drug therapy, traditional medicine has only a symptomatic effect.Here are a few tools that are widely used in inflammation of the trigeminal nerve:

  • Chamomile tea.1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers pour boiling water, let it brew.Strained warm broth dial in your mouth and keep a few minutes;
  • Buckwheat.Preheat a frying pan on a small amount of buckwheat, put it in a cotton bag and apply to the affected area until cool;
  • Fir oil.Soak a cotton swab in a small amount of silver fir oil.Rub in a circular motion means in the affected area 5-6 times a day.To avoid burns, mix the essential oil with vegetable (peach, apricot, olive);
  • boiled egg.In severe attacks of pain cook hard-boiled egg and apply to the site of pain localization;
  • Infusion marshmallow.4 teaspoons minced root pour a glass of boiling water marshmallow at night.Apply gauze pads soaked in warm infusion, to the affected area 2 times a day.