How and what treat sciatica

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sciatica or sciatica can occur suddenly, even those people who consider themselves completely healthy.The inflammatory process in this case is a manifestation of the disease.

How and what to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the home?

In most cases, the problem can be easily eliminated with the help of physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy.


sciatic nerve - one of the longest in the human body.Beginning in the lumbar region, it passes through the coccyx, pelvis back surface and the lower limbs and ends in the feet.It is for this reason that the pain of sciatica is localized not only in the lower back, and lower body.However, doctors say that the inflammatory process in this case is the result of secondary and other diseases.What causes sciatica?

  • Changes spine condition (displacement of the intervertebral discs, the narrowing of the spinal canal and growths on the spine);
  • damaged organs or pelvic floor muscles due to injury or intense physical exertion;
  • Hypothermia;
  • blood circulation in the pelvis (arterial and venous thrombosis);
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • malignant benign tumors at the site of nerve transmission.

But more often becomes the cause of sciatica osteochondrosis.Doctors also isolated as a possible cause of inflammatory joint disease and injury.


Pain - the main and the main symptom that signals inflammation of the sciatic nerve.Typically, painful sensations arise only from one side of the body, while in the other half felt numbness, tingling alternating.However, in some instances both lower extremities may be engaged in the process.The nature of the pain symptoms can be different.

Some patients complain of a sharp unbearable pain when performing physical activities, coughing and sneezing, and others - on the aching pain, and growing worse at night.If patients are unable to move the heavy inflammation of the sciatic nerve.Pain is almost always worse in situations that provoke a spasm or sprain lumbar and sacral muscles.How to treat sciatica in this case?First of all, patients should observe peace, refusing to exercise, and seek medical help from a specialist.


Typically, patients learn about sciatica when performing strenuous exercise unusual for them.In this case, the pain appears after a few hours.Any wrong move, especially in people with osteochondrosis of the lumbar, can cause pain.How to treat sciatica offer orthopedic surgeon?Upon detection of the symptoms of the inflammatory process is important not only to eliminate it, but also an in-depth examination of the patient, to avoid the possibility of diabetic polyneuropathy.Talking about how to treat sciatica, physicians recommend a comprehensive treatment that includes several directions.


One component of successful treatment of sciatica is the observance of a special regime.The patient should be given strict bed.Also, to reduce the pain you must limit his mobility.Doctors recommend bed rest until the patient's improvement and the elimination of pain.


Medical evidence shows that patients who had physical therapy at an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, recover much faster.When this problem using procedures such as electrophoresis and phonophoresis, warm compresses to the area and hearth pain.While the majority of physiotherapy in the patient's body may be administered medications that accelerate the regeneration of damaged nerve fibers - anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, pain medication and muscle relaxants.


If, after the survey was able to determine the cause of sciatica, a specialist can prescribe the implementation of complex physical therapy.

The following video demonstrated a set of exercises for the treatment of sciatica:

It is understood that the exercises are selected strictly individually.In the first days after the onset of inflammation of the patient movements should be minimal, and it is desirable to perform the exercises in the supine position on the bed.With the improvement of increased load: it can be assigned to perform the exercises in the pool.