How and what to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

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This disease, like trigeminal neuralgia, known to physicians for several centuries.However, until now there is debate about the need to treat it.

How and what to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve in the present conditions?

there are several methods of treatment of the disease to date.


Currently, a problem such as inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, is widespread.Its development is accompanied by numerous factors.However, first of all, let's understand what the trigeminal nerve.Trigeminal nerve - one of the components of the fifth cranial nerve, which is a unit with three processes: ophthalmic, Upper and mandibular branches.

With the development of the inflammatory process in each of them there are pains of various localization - in the brow, forehead and temples, teeth.How to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve - an urgent problem today.With this disease is often experienced by w

omen older than 50 years.The causes of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, doctors include not only external but also internal factors:

  • Local hypothermia of the skin;
  • Shingles.For a long time it can remain inactive, but with a decrease in immunity the virus begins to multiply in the fibers of the trigeminal nerve, causing inflammation;
  • Tooth infection of bacterial origin;
  • Facial and head injuries;
  • tumor and vascular aneurysms.These phenomena cause mechanical compression of the trigeminal nerve at the point of exit from the cranium;
  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Violation nerve supply.This problem usually catches up with the elderly, as the walls of the blood vessels feeding the trigeminal nerve, cholesterol plaques are deposited.

Long ongoing inflammatory process, regardless of the causes leading to violation of impulses along nerve fibers and increase pulsation sensitive fibers that leads to toothaches.


Pain - one of the main signs of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.Most often, patients complain of unilateral pain, affecting only one side of his face.By the nature of pain and sharp shooting, high intensity.Usually attack lasts about 15 seconds, but in some cases can be up to 2 minutes.During the attack also appears increased salivation and lacrimation.Patients to see a doctor with the problem of how to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, often complain of aching pain in the ears, eyes and nose.


Than to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve and avoid its consequences?To date, there are several methods and approaches to the treatment of this disease.Consider a common and widely used in modern medicine for the treatment of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

Drug therapy

As the name implies, this method involves the use of drugs.Drug therapy is aimed at reducing pain intensity and relief of patients.Than to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve offer modern doctors?

The following video presents the herbal medicine prescriptions for the treatment of trigeminal nerve:

main drug is karbamapezin.Dosage and scheme of its reception is selected by the attending physician on an individual basis.Drug therapy can be extended to as long as there will be noted the absence of seizures for six months.

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy can also help alleviate the suffering of patients diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.From physical therapy methods are used extensively:

  • Dynamic currents;
  • Galvanised with novocaine or amidopirinolom;
  • Ultraphonophoresis with gidroeortizonom.


However, 30% of medical and physiotherapy treatment is ineffective.Then the doctor is forced to assign the patient surgical treatment of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.There are several ways to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is surgically:

  • Percutaneous surgery.nerve destruction is carried out under the influence of chemicals, or radio waves conducted to the affected area through the catheter;
  • nerve decompression.It assumes the position correction of the arteries, compressing the nerve in the skull;
  • RF ablation.