How to treat the shoulder joint plexitis

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harmless, it would seem, the shoulder joint injury can result in some plexites.In this case, a person becomes partially helpless in everyday situations.

plexitis How to treat the shoulder joint in the home?

Even mild symptoms, vaguely reminiscent of a disease requires urgent visit to a specialist.


Plex shoulder joint, in simple terms - is an inflammatory lesion of the nerve connections of the brachial plexus.The latter is a complex structure that is formed by connecting the first thoracic spinal nerve and anterior branches of the lower cervical nerves.Shoulder plexitis is quite painful and dangerous disease that often leads to disability.A person with this diagnosis often loses not only performance, but also an opportunity to perform simple household tasks.How to treat plexitis shoulder joint can prompt a qualified technician.But before you start treatment, your doctor must determine the cause of the plexit

is shoulder joint.They exist a few:

  • nerve damage as a result of sprains, strains or fracture of the shoulder joint, and the clavicle;
  • Compression of the brachial plexus due to the body staying in an awkward position;
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical and shoulder department;
  • injuries of the shoulder joint in childbirth;
  • Diabetes;
  • Gout;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • Permanent microtrauma shoulder in connection with a specific employment;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Viral and bacterial infections;
  • Inflammatory diseases of organs located near the brachial plexus;
  • Gunshot wounds and bruises shoulder joints, neck or arms.

Plex shoulder joint is a rapidly progressive disease.With each passing day the pain increases, limiting human freedom movements.


Despite the fact that there are many ways to treat plexitis shoulder joint, many of them are not effective.And all because most doctors are faced with the disease already in an advanced stage.This is due to the fact that many people do not attach much importance to soreness in the shoulder in the early stages of disease progression.To avoid complications and complications in the treatment of plexitis, should pay attention to a number of the following symptoms:

  • regular or recurrent pain of cutting nature of the shoulder at night;
  • numbness and swelling of the hands;
  • Increased pain in the joint during exercise or when raising hand;
  • disorder limb sensitivity;
  • weakening of reflexes.


Given the fact that the disease can cause a variety of reasons, decision on how to treat plexitis shoulder joint should be, first of all, aimed at eliminating the impact of adverse factors.To this end, physicians are implementing a number of therapeutic measures:

  • Conduct of anesthesia;
  • Improved circulation and nutrition of tissues;
  • recovery of nerve conduction and motor activity.

To reduce the pain in the first days of illness should use analgesics and provide patients complete rest and warmth.After the pain subside, the doctor chooses the most efficient method of how to treat plexitis shoulder joint.


therapeutic massage procedure in this case is usually limited to kneading muscles of the neck, upper body and arms.Subsequently, the physician may prescribe a combined course of massage and therapeutic exercises.These methods can improve the process of blood circulation in the tissue, thereby reducing inflammation.


Warm compresses to the affected area of ​​the shoulder joint are most effective when plexitis was caused by hypothermia.In such situations, the regular use of compresses will help to provide an easy and resolving analgesic effect.


This technique involves the inclusion of sessions of acupuncture, laser puncture and electroacupuncture treatment plexitis in the shoulder joint.

In viderolikov below shows the range of exercises to restore mobility of the shoulder joint:

At the beginning of the treatment process can be observed exacerbation of pain, but it decreases with time, and at the end of the course procedures and disappears.Reflexology is assigned to two courses of 10 and 7 days, the interval between which is 5 days.