How to treat gout folk remedies

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Gout refers to a disease known to mankind since ancient times.Even then, traditional medicine was considered one of the most effective and proven methods of treatment of this disease.

How to treat gout folk remedies at home?

However, it is worth remembering that the methods of traditional medicine - it is only addition to the primary therapy.


Gout is the pathological changes in the tissues of the body, caused by significant disturbances in metabolism, especially protein.As a result of failures in the exchange process is the deposition of uric acid salts in organs and joints.This phenomenon is becoming a prerequisite for the development of gouty arthritis, which is characterized by a pronounced pain syndrome.Strong specific joint pain in gout violate customary way of life of the patient.

Not all drugs to help cope with the disease, so patients are forced to turn to the question of how

to treat gout folk remedies.Deposits of uric acid salts form characteristic bumps on the joints, which can be noticed with the naked eye.The appearance of such cones or, as they are called, tophi can not affect the state of the immune system.Under the influence of immunity in the blood greatly increases the amount of white blood cells that begin to attack on the affected joint.As a result, in this area there is a strong reddening and soreness.


In severe cases, gout leads to complete destruction of the joint capsule, which requires surgery.However, in order to avoid such consequences should be to pay attention to their own health.The following guidelines will help you greatly reduce the risk of gout:

  • Limit consumption of foods containing animal fats;
  • in moderation drink alcohol;
  • Monitor blood sugar levels;
  • Avoid overheating and overcooling;
  • Avoid salt or limit its use;
  • Watch your weight with the help of a balanced diet and exercise.

Folk remedies

fully guarantee the success of the national treatment is not possible.The result of the application of certain traditional medicines depends on the characteristics of the body, the image of the patient's life, as well as the specifics of the disease.How to treat gout folk remedies?Use the following methods of treatment is recommended only after consultation with your doctor.

Activated carbon

This tool is capable of some time to save the patient from debilitating joint pain.It is necessary to grind several tablets of activated carbon to a powder.The resulting mass is necessary to add a little drinking water and linseed oil to obtain a pasty mass.Apply this mixture sore spot, apply plastic wrap on top and wrap a dry cloth, leaving a compress for the night.


iodine solution - one of the oldest and effective folk remedies for gout treatment.In 10 ml of iodine necessary to dissolve 5 aspirin tablets.To give a colorless liquid is necessary to lubricate the joints of patients before sleep, then putting on cotton gloves or socks.


How to treat gout folk remedies, for example, the mummy?

The following video presents a few recipes of folk remedies for gout:

Ointment mummy cooked very simply: 5 grams of funds should be mixed with 100 grams of honey and from burning the mixture over low heat until dissolved.The resulting ointment use the same as in the previous recipe.


Phytotherapy - another effective method of dealing with gout.To reduce the pain in the joints naturopaths recommend to do the warm bath of decoction of herbs.In this situation it will be most effective chamomile, and a series of needles.You can also take herbal infusions into:

  • Leaves cranberries.2 tablespoons dry raw pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes.Take the infusion of 100 ml three times a day;
  • Goutweed.3 teaspoons of herbs pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 2 hours.Strained infusion take half a cup 4 times a day before meals;
  • Lilac.Half a cup of fresh lilac flowers pour 200 ml of alcohol insist mixture in a week, shaking occasionally.Take 20-30 drops before meals 3 times a day.