How to treat scoliosis in adults

Category Orthopedics | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Among adult scoliosis is rare.This pathology is more likely to occur when not dolechennom curvature of the spine in children.

But in spite of this the question of how to treat scoliosis occurs in adults to be.

progressive curvature of the spine greatly complicates the life of the patient.


In adulthood usually found a pronounced degree of scoliosis.And given the fact that in 20-25 years the human spine is already fully formed, all its changes in older age cause pain.Orthopedic surgeon identify several causes of scoliosis in adults:

  • Children's scoliosis is not affected by the treatment;
  • changes in the spine - protuziya, narrowing of the spinal canal, herniated discs;
  • thinning and decreased bone strength (osteoporosis);
  • spine bone softening (osteomalacia);
  • spinal injuries, chest or burn scars;
  • spinal surgery.

Bad posture, being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle can also infl

uence the process of development and further progression of scoliosis in adults.Do not rush yourself to understand the issue of how to treat scoliosis in adults.With such a problem, as the curvature of the spine, should immediately see a specialist.On the basis of examination of the patient and identified the causes of changes in the spine doctor will prescribe the required range of treatments.


recognize and detect signs of scoliosis in an adult is easier than a child's.Pain syndrome - one of the main symptoms of this disease.However, back pain can talk not only about scoliosis, and other diseases of the joints and spine.Scoliosis in adults is accompanied by other manifestations:

  • asymmetry of shoulders, shoulder blades or hips;
  • rib hump, increasing by bending forward;
  • One hand seems longer than the other;
  • Limping;
  • Fatigue while in an upright position for a long time.

Often, changes are observed in the internal organs.For example, when expressed forms of scoliosis in adults are prone to colds, increasing pulmonary heart disease, digestive disorders.Also, there may be events of cholecystitis and pyelonephritis in women there is a violation of the menstrual cycle, and men - decreased sexual function.


Regardless of what symptoms of scoliosis in adults, this problem requires immediate treatment.The sooner it will become clear how to treat scoliosis in adults, the normal position of the spine will be restored faster.Depending on the stage of the disease, doctors offer the following treatments:


If scoliosis was found on one of the early stages, the LFK - the best way out of this situation.

The video below shows the 3-hminutny set of exercises on scoliosis:

Regular performance of a complex of special exercises not only strengthen and improve muscle tone, but also contribute to the elimination of spinal curvature.


How to treat scoliosis in adults?Some doctors strongly advise patients to wear a special corset.This feature slows down the process of further curvature of the spine, securely locking it in a level position.Corset Model made to order according to the degree of scoliosis and the individual characteristics of the patient's body structure.


ancient massage technique also allows to partially solve the question of how to treat scoliosis in adults.Experts advise to combine a course of manual therapy with massage and gymnastics.


In advanced cases, when the spine to correct the situation with the help of massage and gymnastics does not work, doctors resort to surgery.Absolute indications for surgery for scoliosis are in constant pain, not amenable to conservative methods of treatment, neurological disorders, pulmonary heart disease, increasing spinal deformity.Deformation of less than 40 degrees can not be surgery.Operation of the spine to reduce the pressure on the nerve roots and spinal cord, as well as protect them from further damage.