How and what treat osteochondrosis

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osteochondrosis is often called the "disease of civilization".It is directly related to bipedalism, as the load on the spine in this case increases significantly.

How and what treat osteochondrosis - concern of many middle-aged and elderly.

But, fortunately, the disease can be treated with an adequate approach.


Modern people in the vast majority are sedentary.This may be due to the specific nature of the work or simply unwillingness to work out.However, over time, this can seriously harm the body.Upon reaching the middle-aged man in the intervertebral discs, a so-called vascular bed, so that their power is based on the principle of diffusion.These changes will significantly complicate the recovery of the intervertebral discs after excessive or irregular physical activities, as well as injuries of varying severity.

situation is aggravated by an unbalanced diet, in which the intervertebral cartilage without ge

tting the required complex nutrients, become thinner over time, lose their elasticity and become deformed.issue decision, how and what to treat osteochondrosis, largely depends on the cause of the disease.Today, doctors can not identify the specific causes of degenerative disc disease and produce a group of risk factors, including:

  • Violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • Violation of posture and flat feet;
  • weak physical development;
  • Microtrauma spine caused by drops, shocks and excessive loads;
  • Makrotravmy in connection with fractures and bruises;
  • overweight, physical inactivity and poor diet, leading to a deficiency of fluids and minerals in the body;
  • Stress and smoking, as a result of which there is a restriction, and vasospasm;
  • Low temperatures and high humidity.

Symptoms The main symptom of degenerative disc disease of any location - a pain.They can be acute or chronic.High intensity of pain often leads to stiffness in the back and limited mobility.The patient feels constant fatigue and numbness in the affected area of ​​the spine.Depending on the localization of osteoarthritis are the following symptoms:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis.It is about 25% of the total.This form of low back pain is accompanied by headaches, pain in the arms and shoulders, tinnitus and slight dizziness;
  • thoracic spine osteochondrosis.In this localization of the disease the patient is accompanied by chest pain, radiating to the heart, stomach or lungs;
  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine.The most common type of degenerative disc disease (50%).Characterized by low back pain and sensory disturbances of the leg muscles.

Movement disorders in osteochondrosis of any localization is extremely rare.However, in severe and advanced cases of the disease can lead to neurological complications: eg, partial or complete paralysis of the limbs.


Undoubtedly, the question of how to treat osteochondrosis most effectively, can tell only a qualified doctor.However, mistakenly believing that in this case is only effective drug therapy.Massage, a special diet, physiotherapy and other treatments can significantly improve the condition of the spine and the patient's state of health.Consider the most popular modern ways to treat osteochondrosis at home.


complex of special exercises aimed at developing muscle problem area and removal of excessive load from the spine.Usually, physical therapy is conducted in specialized medical institutions, however, have the opportunity to do gymnastics from osteochondrosis and home.Alternative gymnastics - yoga.


stroking, rubbing and other techniques of massage improves blood circulation, and hence the power of the spine tissue.Also massage perfectly relaxes muscles and relieves strain from the intervertebral discs.How to treat osteochondrosis, if you can not pass the course professional massage?There is a solution: regularly perform simple techniques of self-massage, which also has a positive effect on the condition of the spine.


If the cause of osteoarthritis has been a violation of blood flow due to the formation of cholesterol plaques and loss of elasticity of blood vessels, then the patient should adjust your daily diet.From power to exclude fatty dishes, as well as foods rich in cholesterol - egg yolk, meat broth, pork and chicken skin, lard.Alcohol, strong tea and coffee are also banned