What and how to treat dermatitis on the face

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Skin Diseases deliver human discomfort, including the aesthetic.Most often deal with various forms of dermatitis.

solution to the problem, what and how to treat dermatitis on the face, depending on the type and symptoms exhibited by the disease.

There are four forms of dermatitis - oral, allergic, atopic and contact.


human skin health depends on several factors - that the immune and endocrine systems, as well as medications and predisposition to allergic reactions.Consider the causes and symptoms of all four forms of dermatitis.


dermatologists in practice this type of skin disease is widespread.Causes of oral dermatitis is not fully understood, but most doctors converge in the opinion that the matter is that there may be problems and gastrointestinal long-term use of hormonal methods.The disease is characterized by symptoms in the form of bright red patches around the mouth, on the forehead and cheeks, chi

n, and peeling of the affected places a strong burning sensation.


disease occurs under the influence of allergens and sensitizers.Most often it occurs in people with high sensitivity.Atopic dermatitis - a delayed reaction of the immune system to an irritant ingredient.So before you treat dermatitis on the face, it is necessary to identify the allergen.


Other its title - eczema.Due to the fact that the cause of atopic dermatitis is still not detected, the disease almost invariably becomes chronic.In 95% of cases of eczema appears in newborns and adolescents.Dangerous disease can not be considered, however, intense itching and burning of the skin makes the experience sleep problems.


This form of dermatitis is expressed in inflammation, redness and peeling of the skin on the face, the formation of blisters.The disease may be caused by an irritant or allergen, gets onto your skin.Often, contact dermatitis compared with pathological disease, as only those who have a predisposition to the disease suffer from it.


How to treat dermatitis on the face?Are there effective ointment or cream, for all do away with unaesthetic lesions?However, before you opt for treatment should not use any cosmetics, including decorative.This allows the body to start the process of self-purification, to free the skin from the irritating elements.If the use of means of caring for you in principle, try to use hypoallergenic counterparts with dermatitis.

And to combat redness and rashes use drugs based on plant extracts of aloe, chamomile or succession, vitamins A and E. However, about how to treat dermatitis on the face of these funds, it is better to consult a doctor.Good help to relieve the itching and burning compresses of herbal infusions.Prepare a decoction of the leaves of mint and chamomile flowers, strain it and cool it.Then take a gauze or a sterile bandage, fold the fabric several times and soak in the infusion.

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Apply a compress on the problem areas of skin, every 2-3 minutes Freshen compress again dipped in the broth gauze.However, this method is only a temporary measure that eliminates only the external symptoms of dermatitis.Than to treat dermatitis on the face of medication?When drug therapy specialist primarily conduct research to identify allergen, causes skin disease.

And if allergic, contact dermatitis and orally is often enough to avoid contact with the allergen, then the form of atopic require long complex therapy.In this case, the antihistamines, both in the form of tablets and ointments, and immunomodulating drugs glucocorticoid medication.In addition to solving problems than treat dermatitis on the face, regardless of the type of skin disease flow may help specific therapeutic diet.Assigned to it individually for each patient allergist in accordance with the results of tests on allergens.