How and what to treat acne on the face

Category Cosmetology | August 12, 2017 17:53


  • reasons
  • hormonal disorders
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • Malnutrition
  • Climate
  • Preparations for the treatment of acne

Usually from acne people suffer in their teens.However, external conditions and stress often cause acne in adults.

On the Internet you can find lots of sources on the subject, as well as than to treat acne on the face, but mostly they offer methods of traditional medicine.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to home to eliminate acne.


Rinsing face with herbal decoctions, homemade masks and peels only affect the outer layers of the skin, while the problem of acne is hidden within the body.Common causes of acne on the face are:

hormonal disorders

surge of hormones in the body trigger puberty, pregnancy and various diseases (including the thyroid gland).Therefore, if the acne is in no hurry to pass quite a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor with the problem of how to treat acne on the face, after having passed a full


problems with the gastrointestinal tract

disorders of the gastrointestinal tract - a common cause of acne.Inevitably, the occurrence of acne in gastritis acute and chronic forms.In addition, the development of acne promote overgrowth, stone formation in kidney and liver disease.


Irregular schedule of meals, abuse of harmful products and the lack of drinking provoke gastrointestinal disorders.Try to give up fatty and smoked foods, sweets, coffee and pastry.Regular consumption of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits facilitates digestion and, consequently, the purification of the skin.


high humidity, dry air, strong winds and frost - environmental factors that affect our skin.A sharp change in weather conditions causes some people to profuse rash on the face.Particularly destructive to the skin heat: hot air and humidity cause the sebaceous glands to work in emergency mode, contributing to the growth of bacteria.

Drugs for treatment of acne

solving the problem than to treat acne on the face, start with the right skin care.First of all, try to minimally use decorative cosmetics, renounce the use of fatty creams for the face, morning and evening, cleanse the skin with special gels and tonics.How to treat acne on the face, whether there are effective methods for their disposal?Modern medicine has long developed effective ways.In the struggle with acne, including subcutaneous, help beauty treatments:

  • Ozone;
  • Chemical peeling exfoliates the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin plugs;
  • Ultrasonic cleaning gently cleanses the skin.

However, to completely eliminate the problem may require more than one treatment course, and in the future - as a second passage in the prevention and maintenance of cleanliness of the skin.We should also highlight the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

In the following video talked about the causes of acne and easy way to treat acne for 1-2 days:

As they are less expensive Unlike cosmetic procedures.How to treat acne on his face?At this point there are several effective medications:

  • Retinoic ointment.It restores the sebaceous glands, acne cures;Salicylic
  • Ointment 2%, 3% or 5%.It has antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Cream "Klindovit".The product, which included present antibiotics, rapidly reduce inflammation;
  • Sulfuric ointment.Prevents growth of bacteria, promotes rapid regeneration of cells;
  • Differin.Medicine in a cream format regulates sebaceous excretions process, reduces inflammation;
  • ihtiolovaya ointment.Disinfects and soothes inflammation, cleanses the skin from acne.

All these funds belong to the group of medicines.So before you treat acne on your face, consult a doctor, dermatologist, in consultation with him about the use of certain anti-acne ointments.In addition to the use of external agents take care of the body's internal health: Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced, give up bad habits and sedentary lifestyles.To acne does not bother you again, be careful when choosing cosmetics for the face.