What and how to treat rosacea on the face

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For most women, the appearance of the skin on the face of the vascular mesh is of great aesthetic discomfort.This phenomenon - yet another reason to think about health.

What and how to treat rosacea on the skin - a topical issue for many.

course, you can mask the imperfections of cosmetics, but the problem this does not diminish.


Like acne rosacea has its own reasons for the formation.First of all, this phenomenon is associated with blood circulation in the skin, which is manifested in redness and dilated capillaries.Most often suffer from rosacea and sensitive people with very fair skin.Over time, the elasticity of blood vessels and the epidermis is reduced, so they are advanced and very noticeable on the face.The appearance of red vasculature observed mainly in the nose, cheeks and chin, and forehead.

weak vessels - the main cause of this unpleasant phenomenon as rosacea.This may be due to genetic cha

racteristics of a person, changes in the hormonal background of the organism or bad habits.Negative impact on the vascular condition may have and the climate: in our country is the most important in connection with severe frosts in winter.Also on vascular health affects the liver, as well as various pathological diseases of internal organs.


The issue is how to treat rosacea on the face, often reduced to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and connective tissue.To ensure proper blood circulation in the skin, it is necessary to resort to the complex therapy.In the treatment of such diseases should be extremely careful.First of all, it is necessary to avoid harmful cosmetic products that improve blood circulation - a mask film, creams with fruit acids, menthol and eucalyptus, cloves, and alcohol-based lotions.

desirable to abandon the clay masks.In the matter than to treat rosacea on the face, focusing on technique application of funds for the skin: do it gently, gently massaging the skin with your fingertips.After washing, do not rub your face with a towel, but only lightly pat it by removing excess moisture.It is strictly forbidden to use the massage brushes and sponges, cleaning peeling salon facial.

Avoid too high and low temperatures.Try to minimize, are on a cold frosty air Seen baths and saunas as little time as possible.With respect to steam inhalation similar recommendations.Here are some effective areas, which will help you understand how to treat rosacea on his face, and to eliminate the problem in the short term.


Manufacturers of modern cosmetics every year improving the line of skin care, prone to couperose.To acquire these products is desirable in the pharmacy, where the choice of the right means more broad.To use them the next course.However, the majority of cosmetic products from rosacea do not allow the skin to breathe, forming a sheen on the face.

In the video below in detail told about the key aspects of skin care, prone to couperose:

In connection with this, try to use this type of makeup at night, causing a night cream instead of the usual therapeutic.During the night the skin is actively absorbs all of the components that are quickly reassured her, remove any irritation or redness from the face.If you can not use the special line of cosmetic products, use cosmetics for sensitive skin, products for protection from the sun and cold.

Gymnastics face

Couperose is not a contraindication to strengthening exercises.On the other hand, exercises for the face, combined with curative cream will help the epidermis absorb nutrients faster, strengthen blood vessels, makes the skin more elastic.

Masks skin

1-2 times a week you need to pamper your skin caring mask.However if you are concerned about the issue than to treat rosacea on the face, be careful when selecting such funds.Avoid purchased masks whose composition often includes aggressive components that irritate the skin.To increase the elasticity of the connective tissue, try to regularly use a mask based on collagen.They not only save you from fine lines, but also support the skin in good condition.It is also acceptable to use the home rosacea masks based on natural ingredients;

  • Grate raw potato on a fine grater, put weight on the skin.Leave on for 10-15 minutes.Rinse off the mask chamomile broth at room temperature;
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of potato starch with 2-3 pulverized strawberries, raspberries or buckthorn.Stir until smooth, apply evenly to the skin for 20 minutes, rinse with water.