How and what to treat allergic to the face

Category Cosmetology | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Symptoms violent reaction of the immune system to certain substances in the majority of cases occur on the face.Eruptions, tearing and redness of the skin cause allergy discomfort.

Suggest as than to treat an allergy on the face can only be a qualified allergist.

In this case, you must not only eliminate external signs, but also to try to eliminate the problem from within.


main reason manifestations of allergic reactions - is the contact with the allergen.Cells of the immune system have a feature to remember foreign substances that enter the body.Identified micro-organisms are exposed to immediate removal.However, if the process proceeds too rapidly, damage may occur own native cells that ultimately lead to rashes and other unpleasant symptoms.

Predisposition to reactions of this kind is due to several factors: the genetic characteristics of a person, family history, weakened immune systems.During pregnancy, allergy development in the un

born child may trigger alcohol consumption and smoking, unbalanced maternal nutrition.If we talk about common allergens, whose negative effect causes people to turn to doctors with the question how to treat allergic to the face, there are several substances:

  • Drugs (antibiotics, analgesics, hormones and high in iodine);
  • Food (chocolate, honey, nuts, citrus fruits, berries, eggs, etc.);
  • Cosmetics (dyes, flavors, fragrances, make up makeup);
  • household products (powders, soap, detergents, paints, solvents);
  • animal hair;
  • Poplar fluff, dust;
  • Domestic and wild plants in the flowering period.


allergic reaction after contact with an irritating substance appears almost immediately.First appear on the face redness, the skin gradually swells and becomes covered by bubbles.As the reaction with time the bubbles burst, forming a weeping sore wounds.Besides allergy on the face can be accompanied by other manifestations:

  • dryness and peeling of individual skin areas;
  • tear;
  • Itching;
  • appearance of painful fractures.

degree of symptoms depends on the shape of the flow of an allergic reaction (acute or chronic).


Do not attempt to solve the problem than to treat skin allergies.Remember that this should be engaged allergist.Turning to him with complaints of skin rashes and other symptoms, a specialist will appoint the necessary examination, during which will be clarified the true causes of allergies.This approach allows you to choose the most effective drugs and regimens.How to treat allergic to the skin, if it delivers a huge discomfort?Consider the basic direction of medical therapy:

  • Identify and avoid contact with the allergen;
  • Reception antihistamines (Zyrtec, suprastin, Claritin, diphenhydramine) in various forms;
  • use of corticosteroid creams and ointments to reduce allergy symptoms on the face;
  • Reception enterosorbents for removing allergens from the body;
  • Compliance with medical diet.In that case excluded from the diet potential allergens, spices and salt.

If on the face of a large number of lesions can try to wash decoction of chamomile or series 2-3 times a day.Herbs allow calm the itching, reduce inflammation, and blisters on the skin dry.In no case does not puncture blisters formed on the skin due to allergies.A good action has chamomile cream.

It includes azulene compound, which has anti-inflammatory and skin disinfectant action.Quite effective in the matter than to treat an allergy on the face, it is a mummy.It should be used simultaneously in two variations: to lubricate skin with a solution (1 gram mumie 100 ml of pure water) and ingested one time per day in the morning (2 teaspoons per 100 ml of fluid).Also, try to take time off from using any cosmetics, including decorative.