How and what to treat chapped lips

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During cold weather, many of us are faced with the problem of how to dry and chapped lips.Sometimes this phenomenon occurs very painful and gives great discomfort.

Information about how and what to treat chapped lips, quite a lot.

But the really effective ways can be counted on the fingers.


aggressive influences from the outside has a bad effect on human skin.From excessive heat or cold, it starts to peel off and pulled together.This problem does not shy away from lips.This part of the face is quite vulnerable to weather conditions due to the fact that there are no lips sebaceous gland supporting hydro epidermis.In cold conditions the delicate skin of the lips quickly loses moisture, blood circulation slows down, and there are small cracks.Contribute to the deterioration of the situation and other factors:

  • habit of biting and licking his lips, and smoking;
  • allergic reaction to co
  • Lack or, conversely, a surplus of vitamins in the body.

means treatment

tightness and dry skin gradually exfoliate lips.The growing desire to get rid of the problem has led many to do wrong, biting off pieces of the dried skin.As a result, on the lips formed deeper fissures and painful.How to treat chapped lips in this case?If biting and biting her lips were you always, no matter what kind of means to cure them you choose, it will be ineffective.Try to control yourself and do not touch the already damaged skin.In the matter than to treat chapped lips, there are several effective means.


Stick chapstick - the easiest way to prevent and eliminate the effects of chapping.This simple and affordable tool can be used by both women and men.It would be better if you choose a caring balm, which includes aloe and buckthorn.

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Everything else, in the composition of the cosmetic product shall include other moisturizing ingredients - beeswax or honey, vegetable oil (jojoba, cocoa), the lanolin, vitamin E, A and B12.An alternative would be hygienic lipstick smearing the skin of the lips before going out into the cold butter or vegetable oil, petroleum jelly and baby cream.

Natural masks

However, most often on the issue of how to treat chapped lips, chapstick does not have a high positive effect.If you have painful cracks and strongly dry skin on your lips you should use household masks based on natural ingredients.

  • Apply a small amount of honey thick cotton swab on the lips.Gently massage your finger and leave them to soak for 3-5 minutes, remove the remnants of the water;
  • Squeeze a few drops of juice from fresh leaves of aloe.Lubricate them chapped lip skin 2-3 times a day;
  • Twice a day apply on lips liquid vitamin E or Vitamin A capsules can be purchased in a pharmacy;
  • Apply lip fat cottage cheese.You can dilute it with whipped cream, if desired.After 15 minutes, rinse residues and grease nourishing balm;
  • Apply a thick layer on the affected skin of the lips rubbed on a coarse grater cucumber.Leave on for 10-15, rinse with warm water;
  • Mash avocado flesh into a puree, put a thick layer on the skin of the lips.Leave for 15 minutes and gently remove the remains.


In advanced cases, when the cracks on the lips for a long time will not heal, or appear bruised, masks and hygienic lipstick can not do.In such cases come to the aid of medications that promote rapid healing of tissues.Panthenol and Vishnevsky ointment - then what should treat chapped lips.However, before the application is recommended to consult a dermatologist.


best treatment - is undoubtedly prevention.To the problem of chapped lips are not you worried at the slightest cold snap, use the following guidelines:

  • Every time before going outdoors, apply on the skin chapstick;
  • 1 times a week to arrange for peeling lips using candied honey, fine salt or sugar.This will clean the dead skin of the lips;
  • Women during cold weather should not use gloss and resistant lipstick.A safer option - lipstick with moisturizing components.