How and what to treat bruises on her face

Category Cosmetology | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Any imperfections are most visible to others, if they appear on the face.Many of us, for various reasons are forced to deal with bruises.

question, as well as than to treat bruises on his face, requiring urgent solutions.

considerably ease the task may be emergency aid.

Quick Help

not always a bruise on his face - the result of physical abuse or domestic injury.Some categories of people, especially the elderly, bruising under the eyes due to the high sensitivity of blood vessels and connective tissue destruction due to age.Scientifically referred to as bruises bleeding into the tissue of the skin that occur due to rupture of blood vessels.As the resorption of hematomas can change their color.- A towel soaked in water or an ice cube

  • Immediately after the injury put to trouble spots something cold: allowing greatly facilitate the solution of the problem, how to treat the bruises on his face if the injury co
    uld not be avoided, try the following emergency measures.Keep 5-10 compress the skin, if necessary, cooling it;
  • Mash fresh cabbage leaf hands to release the juice, apply it to the injured spot for 15-20 minutes;
  • Tighten land affected by injury with an elastic bandage, thereby affecting the blood vessels burst.

use one of these methods, you can significantly reduce the healing time of a bruise on his face.After the procedure to prevent the hematoma can be applied to the skin cream with anti-inflammatory effect ( "Troxevasin", "Ambulance", fresh-water sponge, etc.).Usually the problem disappears by itself after 7 days.


On the second day after the application of vasoconstrictor procedures should seriously wonder than to treat bruises on his face.In this case, it is recommended to use a warming agent.Thanks to them, improves blood circulation in the tissues and thus a bruise quickly and disappears.For example, good for the hematoma warm compresses on the basis of a decoction of the seeds of anise or lavender oil.

The following video demonstrated how urgent to get rid of bruises:

warming must be done at least 2 times a day, holding a compress on the sore spot for 20-30 minutes.If this option does not suit you, use alcohol lotion, as superimposing them on a bruise for a while.Referring to other methods of how to treat the bruises on his face:

ointments from bruises

easiest way to forget about the bruise once and for all - to use medicinal ointment.They can be purchased in every pharmacy without a prescription.Well established ointment such as troksevazinovaya and heparin.Their effect on the epidermis is similar: both tools are aimed at the absorption of subcutaneous hemorrhage.Apply funds for injured spot must be a thin layer without rubbing, every 1-2 hours.Duration of treatment an average of 5 days.


Powder sponge, lives in fresh waters - the perfect tool to help quickly heal the bruises on his face and body.Fine particles falling on the skin begin to tingle slightly, thereby enhancing circulation.bodyagi powder can be purchased at any pharmacy.Prepare a mixture of it is simple: mix the powder and warm water in a ratio of 2: 1, the mass mix until smooth and apply a thick layer on the problem areas.Keep application on the skin of about 15-20 minutes, and then gently wash away the remnants of cool water.An alternative than to treat the bruises on her face, you can still become a gel with the extract of concoctions.


Some trace elements have the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.To those include vitamins K and R. Through their action, the vessels are quickly restored and become more elastic.Take a multivitamin with a high content of these elements, or use external means, after consultation with a specialist.