How to treat neuritis of the facial nerve

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human facial expression is provided by the facial nerve.Its inflammation is manifested in the form of paralysis of facial muscles.

How to treat neuritis of the facial nerve, and whether it is possible to fully restore it work?

to these and other questions by a qualified specialist will be able to answer in detail.


this problem can face people absolutely any age and gender.More often than neuritis of the facial nerve is manifested in the autumn-winter period.Many physicians are hypothermia as a determining factor of the facial nerve inflammation.In addition, the negative impact may have other potential causes:

  • infection (such as measles or herpes virus);
  • Traumatic brain injury (disruption of the vascular system and vertebral arteries);
  • Inflammation of the ears and the brain.

often neuritis of the facial nerve is observed due to the inferior alveolar nerve anesthesia during a visit to the dentist.Depending on the triggering factors d

istinguish the primary and secondary neuritis.Primary neuritis or Bell's palsy generally occurs when supercooling, and the changes are not visible in the head.In secondary neuritis of the likely development of inflammatory diseases of the brain and the upper respiratory tract.


Practice shows that most of neuritis of the facial nerve is a one-way process, but 2% is marked full face defeat.The clinical picture of the disease may be different.The following symptoms are the most common:

  • pain of varying intensity in the ear;
  • partial or total disruption of the movement of the affected part of the nerve (facial asymmetry, the inability to show the teeth, smile and pull the lips);
  • Dry eye tearing or vice versa;
  • Deafness from the affected part of the face;
  • Violation salivation;
  • Increased sensitivity to sounds.

Do not wait until the symptoms go away by themselves.Begin decision on how to treat neuritis of the facial nerve, with a visit to the doctor.

Treatment regimens for this disease is assigned individually.Depending on the reasons for the origin of neuritis of the facial nerve specialist may prescribe:

  • Antiviral drugs (for viral infection);
  • Antibiotics (when bacterial flora development);
  • Medicines, stabilizing blood pressure (hypertension).

The issue is how to treat neuritis of the facial nerve, usually begins with the appointment of the powerful anti-inflammatory drugs - glyukokokortikosteroidnye (prednisone) or nonsteroidal (meloxicam and piroxicam).In the acute form of the disease and the following groups of drugs may be used:

  • Furosemide and torasemide to reduce swelling;
  • Analgin and Drotaverinum as painkillers;
  • Eufillin to improve blood circulation in the affected area face;
  • B vitamins to improve the metabolic processes in tissues.

After a few days of medication your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy - sollux, paraffin therapy and acupuncture, massage and facial muscles.This treatment is usually 10-15 sessions.In general, the decision on how to treat neuritis of the facial nerve, it may take about 8-10 months.It should be noted that the rehabilitation process occurs in all the cases differently.

If after this period of facial expressions is not restored, it raises the question of surgical intervention.Also, the operation is shown in cases where the damage occurred as a result of a complete rupture of the facial nerve, and it is necessary to cross-linking.If time does not take drastic measures in the future such a phenomenon may occur as muscle atrophy.